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Scent Cups

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Scent cups for use with our Scent Distribution Box and Pneumatic Scent Sprayer.
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Scent Cups
Scent Cups

In stock


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    Simply remove foil cover, insert into our Scent Distribution Box or Pneumatic Scent Sprayer, and turn it on! Let the Odoriferous Emanations Commence... for 45+ DAYS!!

    Scent cup measurements: Top diameter 2-3/4", bottom diameter 2-1/2", Height 1"

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    Customer Questions
    What is the diameters and depth of the 'Scent Cups'?

    2-3/4 inch diameter wide by 1 inch tall.

    What different scents do you carry?

    To select a scent use the "Select Scent" drop-down selection box on this product page.

    Can you make custom scents?

    No, we do not offer custom scents.

    Instead of using the Distribution Box can a normal desk fan be used?

    Yes, the scent cups will work if placed in front of a standard fan.

    Can I combine scents?

    Theoretically if you had a fan blowing over both at the same time they would mix in the air.

    What does the "haunted house" scent smell like?

    A slightly musty smell that you get at your grandparents' house and at Disney's Haunted Mansion.

    Are scent cups resealable and can they be saved for later?

    Yes, if kept air tight they will last.

    What does the Forest scent smell like?

    The Forest scent is sort of a piney/mossy smell. It it not like Pine-Sol or some pine scented cleaner.

    What does the Gothic scent smell like?

    The Gothic scent is sort of a combination of patchouli and black licorice. It’s pleasant, depending on who you talk to - but think of black roses, candles, vampires, etc. and you’ll get the idea.

    What does the Hospital scent smell like?

    The Hospital scent I would say is a little more like some sort of scented cleaner. As hospital smells can sort of vary, someone might not immediately think of a hospital - but if the setting you’re using it in has a lot of visual cues (medical equipment, stretchers, x-ray boxes, and people in white lab coats), the smell will definitely fall in line with what you’d expect.

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