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GateKeeper 1.6 Computer Password Escape Room Puzzle

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Easily create a customized puzzle where players must enter the correct password or numerical code to progress and solve the puzzle!

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NOTE: Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor are not included. You can order them on this page or use your own.

NOTE: This prop is not compatible with K120 Keyboards.

NOTE: This prop is designed to work via HDMI only and may not function if an adapter to another video input is used.

You choose the prompts, backgrounds and the solutions! Easy user interface, no programming skills required!

Features 4 relays which can be unlocked in stages so players have to solve them in order to reach the ultimate solutions. You can control which relays turn on for each stage of the puzzle.

This is the perfect prop to make the centerpiece of your room as players can return to the prop multiple times when they have figured out the next password to proceed in the puzzle.

Features for Version 1.6:

  • Audio and images are now much easier to load onto the unit. Audio and image files can now be placed onto a USB drive and imported directly from that drive while browsing files for each stage pf the puzzle.

Features for Version 1.5:

  • Login Modes - Password only or Login/Password mode can now be selected for each stage. Login/Password now mimics an actual computer login with a username and password needed to solve.
  • Sizes - The password text box can now be small, medium, or large on screen
  • Error Text - When users enter a wrong password, the error prompt text is now able to be customized.
  • Audio option - Puzzle can now trigger audio files on either the lock screen or solution screen (audio comes out of the 1/8" audio jack not the HDMI cable.)
  • To get into the settings page you now have to click in the upper right followed by the lower left, this is from feedback from users to better secure the settings area.
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