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Faux Fone - Ultimate Haunted Phone Escape Room Prop

In stock
This is the ultimate telephone Escape Room prop!

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Faux Fone - Ultimate Haunted Phone Escape Room Prop

In stock


    NOTE: Because the Faux Fone works with ANY touch-tone landline phone, a phone is NOT INCLUDED with purchase.

    We were dissatisfied with the options and quality of the phone props currently available on the market for use in Escape Rooms, so we partnered with the amazing minds at Dark Tech Effects to create our own! After months of research and design, we're proud to finally offer the definitive, ultimate phone prop for Escape Rooms: The Faux Fone!

    What makes the Faux Fone different from other phone props on the market?

    1. USE ANY TOUCH-TONE LANDLINE PHONE! - You read that right. The Faux Fone works with ANY touch-tone, landline phone! So no need to buy a specific prop built into a phone that may or may not match your theme. Now you can choose the phone that perfectly matches you set and transform it into an interactive prop! You can use a modern looking office phone, an red "Batphone" or an antique phone. There are even dealers who specialize in converting old rotary phones to touch-tone operation! So your choices are pretty much unlimited when it comes to the style of phone! And if you get tired of one style or need to change themes? No need ti buy a whole new prop! Just switch out the physical phone and you have a new prop perfectly suited for your Escape Room!

    2. Customization - The Faux Fone leaves all other phone props in the dust when it comes to ease of programming and adding audio files. Programming codes is as easy as editing a simple text file. Correct number sequences can be up to 50 digits long, which allows you to not only use phone numbers, but potentially require users to enter words via the alphanumeric indicators on your phone's keys! You can have as many different correct codes as you like. One code will play an audio file and trigger the relay on the prop. All other codes will only play audio. You can load any audio you like onto the microSD card of the unit. This way you can have different numbers player shave to dial to gain clues to the final number which, when entered, plays your final message and switches the relay! You can also have fun "Easter Eggs" by adding success sequences and audio for common numbers like 911, 411, etc.

    You can also set a maximum code length. If a sequence of digits exceeds this length, an audio file will play. For example, if you set this to 10 (the standard length of a US phone number with area code), when the players input an incorrect series of 10 digits an audio file can play. Think: "We're sorry, this call can not be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again." All of this functionality creates the illusion that this prop is an actual functioning phone and builds the immersion of your Escape Room!

    3. Ring Input - Another function that makes the Faux Fone stand above its competition is the Ring Input. On the controller there is a two-terminal input that, when activated by an attached trigger, will cause the phone to ring! If the players pick up the phone while it is ringing, a special audio file will play! You can use a button, switch or even a wireless trigger to activate the ring function. Imagine your players are stuck and need a clue, when suddenly the phone on the nearby table rings! They answer and a clue is given that helps them figure out their next step. It's just another feature that adds to the realism of our prop, which helps builds your players' sense of engagement; and that means more memorable experiences, better reviews, more return visits and increased revenue for you!

    4. Quality - If you have used any number of the cheaply made phone props available from manufacturers based in China or other overseas locations, you know that they are both difficult to work with and of extremely sub-par quality. The Faux Fone, on the other hand, is built in the USA and is created using only the finest quality materials. This means it is both more reliable than other phone props and easier to work with. No more trying to muddle through poorly translated manuals or decipher Chinese characters to replace MP3 files, and no more trying to work through a language barrier when you need support! With the Faux Fone, our manual is written in clear English and our products are backed up by our world-class support! Buy with confidence!

    The Faux Fone is designed from the ground up by people who understand the harsh environment and interactive needs on the Escape Room industry. It's the most versatile, realistic and best-made phone prop on the market by far and we're extremely excited to offer it to you!


    • Faux Fone Prop Controller
    • Power Supply
    • MicroSD Card


    • Works with any standard landline, touch-tone phone!
    • Program as many successful codes as you like (codes can be up to 50 digits long).
    • One code triggers relay when entered, all other codes play audio only.
    • Ring Input - Trigger the phone to ring and play a special message when picked up.
    • Many Customization Options - User can choose from different ring style, audio looping options, trigger relay immediately or after audio plays, etc...
    • High-quality, built in the USA with world-class US-based support!
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