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130 Pound Electromagnetic Lock

130 Pound Electromagnetic Lock

SKU: 0703-MAG-LOCK-130
Perfect for escape rooms! Lock remains active as long as it receives power. When the power is removed the lock will disengage.

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This electromagnetic lock is small but powerful! Perfect for Escape Rooms! Use it to hold doors closed until a puzzle is solved, or to hold an object in place until a riddle is deciphered. Your imagination is the limit!


  • Lock Size: 80Lx37.3Wx23.3H(mm), Armature plate: 74Lx32Wx11H(mm).
  • Holding Force: 60kg(130lbs), Mode: NC (locked whilst power supply is operating), fail safe mode
  • Voltage: DC12V, Current Draw: 0.11A ~0.15A
  • Safety function: Built-in voltage spike suppressor, Opening Mode: 90 degree swinging door.
  • Suitable For: Wooden Door, Glass Door, Metal Door, Fire Proof Door, etc.


Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Can customers bypass the magnetic lock by pushing on the door forcefully?
    This lock will prevent patrons from opening a door forcefully.