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PicoBoo AC Starter Kit

In stock
Take your prop to the next level with our PicoBoo AC Starter Kit!
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PicoBoo AC Starter Kit
PicoBoo AC Starter Kit

In stock


    • PicoBoo AC
    • Audio Recording Cable
    • Black PIR Motion Sensor with 15 feet of wire
    • 4" Prop Speaker with 15 feet of wire
    • Power Cable

    The PicoBoo AC is the easiest to use halloween prop controller on the planet. For the first time ever we are bundling this amazing controller together with everything you need to create your own custom scare. The kit includes a PicoBoo AC controller to control the scare, a sensor to trigger it, and a speaker to give it a voice. All you need to supply is a sound and a few things to turn off and on in sync with your sound. Popular choices are pneumatic valves, small motors, lights, the list goes on. Pretty much anything that can be plugged into a wall outlet can controlled by the PicoBoo AC. For example, you're hosting this year's halloween party and want to spook your friends. Rig up the bathroom with a light, a small fan, and this PicoBoo Kit. Put a small fan behind the shower curtain with the PicoBoo AC and the speaker. Program the PicoBoo AC to keep the light on while it waits for its victim. When the victim enters, the PIR sensor detects their presence and alerts the picoBoo. The picoBoo waits a few seconds for them to close the door and get comfortable. Then it shuts the light off making the room pitch black. The fan behind the show curtain turns on moving the curtains, while at the same time raising the hairs on the victims arms. Then a voice starts to whisper from the speaker .. "Hello ... is someone there?"

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    Note: The PicoBoo AC comes with the required AC power cable to power it.

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    Customer Questions
    Do I need any type of diodes when I use solenoid valves with the PicoBoo controller?

    Generally diodes are not required. Sometimes very electrically noisy devices do require them (such as large motors). See the document Installing a DC Diode for feedback absorption for more information.

    Scare sound only plays for 2 seconds

    The scare sound will only play as long as the animation. Record longer animation.

    Will this controller run servos?

    This controller does not support servos. The products that do are the BooBox Flex MAX and the PicoTalk.

    Is there a way to loop the program?

    Yes, you simply connect a short jumper wire between (-) and (IN).

    After the PicoBoo is triggered and running animation, will another trigger during the animation restart the animation?

    No, the program will run to completion.

    Is there a way to delay the sound starting, say for a few seconds, once the trigger is activated?

    The way to do this is to record some silence into the beginning of your audio file.

    How do I make it continuously play without having to trigger it?

    Simply connect a short jumper wire between (-) and (IN) and it will play the program continuously.

    I would like to have a 10 second pause between triggered events.

    Record the sequence on the PicoBoo but wait 10 seconds before tapping record to save. That will add 10 seconds of “post delay” during which time a sensor will not be able to activate the PicoBoo.

    Can a reed switch be used as a trigger?

    Yes. Most reed switches are normally-closed, so depending on your application you might have to set the trigger mode on the PicoBoo to normally-closed too. Either way it will work.

    Can I record audio into the controllers via my Android or iPhone?


    Can I have the recorded program run and repeat indefinitely without needing to be triggered each time?


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