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FLASH! Plate + Wireless Remote Control

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Set off our FLASH! Plate when wireless button is pressed.

Potential HazardThis product has potenital hazards associated with it.
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FLASH! Plate + Wireless Remote Control
FLASH! Plate + Wireless Remote Control

In stock


    Includes our FLASH! Plate and our Wireless Remote Control to remotely control the crack'n!

    Activates FLASH! Plate when you push the wireless remote. Wireless frequency: 315Mhz

    FLASH! Plate

    Packs a lot of punch in a small space! Two large and loud crackers explode in a cacophony of noise and light! Over 90 dBs!


    Only for use on 120VAC power systems such as US and Canada. Not tested to work with 220V or 220V to 120V converters.

    Click here for important information on our Electronic Firecracker products!

    May pose an Electro Shock hazard! May pose a fire hazard!

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    Customer Questions
    Does it only get so many pops before it wears out?

    Yes, all of the electronic firecrackers have a limited life span. Here is some more information.... - Electronic Firecrackers Important Information - Debugging a FLASH! Cracker, FLASH! Stick, or POW! Stick

    Can the volume (loudness) of this product be adjusted?

    No, there is no way to adjust how loud these are.

    Do the electronic firecracker products work with 220V / 50 Hz power?

    No. The electronic firecracker products only work on 120V / 60Hz power systems. Power converters will not work with these products.

    Does the wireless remote for the flash cracker use the same frequency as the four channel remote?

    They use the same frequency (315Mhz) and they will conflict with each other as they each use the same communication protocol.

    If we have more than one remote firecracker will they all be activated at the same time when the remote is used?

    Yes, if they are within range (about 100 feet) they will all be activated together. This is because they all are on the same frequency.

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