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SKU: 0756-SDMX
  • Eight servo outputs with optional limits
  • LED outputs
  • Two solid-state outputs

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The ServoDMX allows you to control RC servos, LEDs, and two accessories from a FlexMax or any standard DMX console.


Pair the ServoDMX with a BooBox FlexMax to add its servo, LED, and digital outputs to your show. The outputs can then be programmed using the sliders on the ScareMaster, or the virtual controls in our Director software. The ServoDMX is also compatible with any standard DMX controller.

Automatic Mouth Control:

When programmed using our Director software, servo movement can be automatically syncronized with audio to create realistic mouth movement. Tweak the movements if necessary, then save the show to a FlexMax for timed or triggered playback.

Easy Setup:

The DMX starting address, servo limits, and output options are all easily set using our software tool.

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Operating Manual

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • What is the maximum amp draw for the servos attached?
    The ServoDMX can handle 5A max with a larger power supply. It ships with a 2 amp power supply which is what works for most people.
  • Can you use any kind of rc servo with this or does it have to be a certain kind?
    Yes, you can use any standard servo.