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  • Create life-like movement of motors or lighting effects
  • Up to 60 Seconds of Animation
  • 1x 12V 3Amp Output
  • No Audio Features
  • Trigger Input
  • Can stop parking motors at the park position
  • Power Supply Sold Separately

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ALL NEW! Now with Trigger Input and Can stop parking motors at the park position!


The PicoVolt allows you to precisely control the speed and direction of a DC motor, or brightness of LED lights. Keep the motor at a constant speed, or create your own animation and have it loop or played on a trigger.

Manual Control or Animation In it’s simplest mode, the PicoVolt’s speed wheel can be used to precisely set the speed and direction of a DC motor. But the PicoVolt doesn't just control speed, it allows you to program up to 60 seconds of animation, any speed, any direction. Just hold the record button while animating the motor using the speed wheel.

Trigger Input The new trigger input allows the PicoVolt to be used for more than just looping animation. Connect the input to any standard sensor and the PicoVolt will play your animation back on command. Looping the animation for an ambient prop is still possible.

Motor Parking The new PicoVolt can read the park switch of many wiper motors to determine its home position. The PicoVolt can then bring your motor back to that position at the end of the animation. It can let it coast to a stop, or stop it instantly using the new brake option. This opens up new applications for the PicoVolt that were previously not possible due to motor drift. Make sure your motor has a park wire if you want to use this option.

LED Lighting Control The PicoVolt also has an LED lighting mode that allows you to easily program any lighting effect. Loop the effect, or play it on a trigger.

Power Supply The PicoVolt must be powered by a 12 volt DC power supply. The wattage you need depends on what you're controlling. Pretty much all motors will require the 60 watt power supply. Most LED setups will be fine with the 12 watt supply, however larger ones may need more. Add up the wattage of all your LED lights and make sure the power supply you choose has a wattage at least that high.

Please Note
  • A power supply is not included. We suggest our 12vDC 5amp Regulated Power Supply.
  • The PicoVolt is not meant for extremely precise applications. All motors have some degree of "drift" and you may notice some variation in your program over time. This is normal.

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Product Manual

Activate a PicoVolt from a PicoBoo Controller

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Parking Motor and Picovolt Controller Demonstration
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Product Faqs

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  • I can't get the PicoVolt to control an AC 110V light.
    The PicoVolt only controls 12V DC devices. It will not control AC devices.
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  • Once programmed will the PicoVolt, hold the program if it is unplugged from the power source?
    Yes, the PicoVolt holds it's programming when not powered up.
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  • Can a PIR be hooked up to the Pico Volt Controller as well as the motor?
    PicoVolt controllers where enhanced in 2014 to include the ability to trigger them with any of our prop controller triggers such as a PIR. PicoVolt controllers prior to 2014 do not have that feature.
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  • What is PWM?
    PWM stands for “Pulse Wave Modulation”. The technology is used to control dimming with LED lights. In some cases you can dim LED lights by reducing voltage but a better way (and the only way with some LEDs) is to keep the voltage constant but “pulse” it. That’s what PWM does… it pulses more frequent (bright) or less frequent (dim) 12V voltage to the LED. We offer several controllers based on PWM technology:


    Dimmer Controller for LED lighting

    DarkBox Flicker:


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  • Can the PicoVolt be programmed then activated by a PicaBoo?
    Yes, the PicoVolt can be activated by a PicoBoo or any one of our triggers.
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