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Scented Cologne Spray

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Simple spray-on cologne for actors, props or sets. STINKY!
As low as $12.99
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Froggys Fog is proud to present it's newest and most cost effective fragrance solution yet... Froggys Spray-on Fragrance! You can now have all of your favorite Scent Cup and Fog Additive Smells as a wearable Cologne/Perfume.

Imagine your Clown Actor or Prop smelling like Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum or Popcorn as your guests walk by, or picture a Butcher shop Actor or Prop that actually smells like a REAL Slaughterhouse or Rotting Decay. How about a Graveyard scene where all of the props and actors smell like Mildew or Dirt?, Or a Swamp scene where the Props and Actors smell like a Swampy Marsh or Rain Forest.

With Froggys Spray-on Perfumes / Colognes this unique sensory element is now a reality with no air compressors, fans, or scent beads required. Froggys Scented Sprays are easy to clean up by simply taking a bath and/or washing your clothes/costumes. These Fragrances are not diluted versions of our famous Fog and Scent Cup Additives, but real Perfumes / Colognes from the Haunted Attraction Industry's ONLY Perfumery, Froggys Fog.

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Customer Questions
What different scents do you carry?

To select a scent use the "Select Scent" drop-down selection box on this product page.

Can you make custom scents?

No, we do not offer custom scents.

I'm looking for that slightly musty smell that you get at your grandparents' house and at Disney's Haunted Mansion. Which scent would that be?

"Haunted House"

What does the Forest scent smell like?

The Forest scent is sort of a piney/mossy smell. It it not like Pine-Sol or some pine scented cleaner.

What does the Gothic scent smell like?

The Gothic scent is sort of a combination of patchouli and black licorice. It’s pleasant, depending on who you talk to - but think of black roses, candles, vampires, etc. and you’ll get the idea.

What does the Hospital scent smell like?

The Hospital scent I would say is a little more like some sort of scented cleaner. As hospital smells can sort of vary, someone might not immediately think of a hospital - but if the setting you’re using it in has a lot of visual cues (medical equipment, stretchers, x-ray boxes, and people in white lab coats), the smell will definitely fall in line with what you’d expect.

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