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Scent Cups

Scent Cups

Scent cups for use with our Scent Distribution Box and Pneumatic Scent Sprayer.

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Simply remove foil cover, insert into our Scent Distribution Box or Pneumatic Scent Sprayer, and turn it on! Let the Odoriferous Emanations Commence... for 45+ DAYS!!

Scent cup measurements: Top diameter 2-3/4", bottom diameter 2-1/2", Height 1"

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • What different scents do you carry?
    To select a scent use the "Select Scent" drop-down selection box on this product page.
  • What is the diameters and depth of the 'Scent Cups'?
    2-3/4 inch diameter wide by 1 inch tall.
  • Can you make custom scents?
    No, we do not offer custom scents.
  • Instead of using the Distribution Box can a normal desk fan be used?
    Yes, the scent cups will work if placed in front of a standard fan.
  • Can I combine scents?
    Theoretically if you had a fan blowing over both at the same time they would mix in the air.
  • What does the "haunted house" scent smell like?
    A slightly musty smell that you get at your grandparents' house and at Disney's Haunted Mansion.
  • Are scent cups resealable and can they be saved for later?
    Yes, if kept air tight they will last.
  • What does the Gothic scent smell like?
    The Gothic scent is sort of a combination of patchouli and black licorice. It’s pleasant, depending on who you talk to - but think of black roses, candles, vampires, etc. and you’ll get the idea.
  • What does the Hospital scent smell like?
    The Hospital scent I would say is a little more like some sort of scented cleaner. As hospital smells can sort of vary, someone might not immediately think of a hospital - but if the setting you’re using it in has a lot of visual cues (medical equipment, stretchers, x-ray boxes, and people in white lab coats), the smell will definitely fall in line with what you’d expect.
  • What does the Forest scent smell like?
    The Forest scent is sort of a piney/mossy smell. It it not like Pine-Sol or some pine scented cleaner.