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Stretch FX Animated Portrait

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A seemingly normal portrait hanging on the wall....until you get too close and the image comes to life...and out of the wall at startling speed! When complete, the picture undents itself....ready for the next victim.

Requires CompressorThis item requires an Air Compressor. Not included!

Build-To-OrderThis product is built when ordered and can sometimes take several days or weeks to ship. Please contact us if you require an exact ship date.

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The Portrait measures 36" x 24" and comes assembled.

Comes with the skin attached to a wood/steel frame that is ready to mount to wall panel studs. Includes air cylinder, air valve, regulator, flow control and punch form.

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Customer Questions
Can this be used outdoors?

It can be used outdoors but it is not weather resistant and must be protected from the elements.

What temperature can the living wall material be used down to?

StretchFX skins (including Living Wall material) can be used in the cold. We have not done specific temperature tests, however we have plenty of users in the northern states that have not had any problems. The material may get a bit stiffer in the cold but that is about it. It can be used outdoors, as long as it is shielded from direct sunlight, as it is not UV resistant. Direct sunlight will not cause immediate issues, but over time will degrade the material.

What are some good Air Compressors for this product?

Please see our document All About Air Compressors to assist you in selecting an air compressor.

Is there a way to make the fabric match the rest of a wall or change the color or appearance of the material?

Yes, it's an extra charge for custom skins...any size we offer from your print-ready artwork image file. Turnaround time is about two weeks. Contact us if interested.

There are currently no specific videos for this product. Visit our YouTube channel for many great videos.
For assistance with this product visit the Support & Training Center or Contact Us