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Precision Alpha 4 Pack (Cool White)

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Comes with 4 Micro Precision Theatrical Pinspots and everything you need to hook them up!

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Precision Alpha 4 Pack (Cool White)
Precision Alpha 4 Pack (Cool White)

In stock


    This point source luminaire gives the user an endless selection of colors and beam angles using theatrical filters. Softer and more natural colors can be achieved via filters due to a wider color band being emitted compared to single colored LEDs. The Precision Alpha is designed with future expandability in mind with the ability to attach additional optical accessories. The Precision Alpha is industrially designed to last in indoor and outdoor environments. Internal driver circuitry ensures constant output over a wide range of input voltages and extends the LED life beyond 50,000 hours.

    Key Features

    - Form factor designed to the limit to maximize luminosity / volume
    - 1W point source LED illumination
    - 105 lumen output at 5600K
    - Constant output over wide input voltage range 9VDC-15VDC
    - Lens attachment allows use with theatrical filters and diffusers
    - Dual polarity input reduces installation time by allowing user to disregard wire polarity
    - Modular DC plug with pigtail adapter allows swapping fixtures without cutting wires
    - 2 wire dimming via PWM, 10%-100%
    - Water-resistant (IP63) for indoor and outdoor use


    - Perfect for space constrained applications
    - 95% energy savings compared to 20W halogen lamp
    - Low voltage and minimal heat for improved safety
    - Easy installation and reconfiguration
    - No UV or IR emitted
    - Minimal maintenance required with over 50,000 hour lamp life


    - Themed entertainment (dark rides, Halloween attractions, bars, clubs, casinos)
    - Museums displays (wall mounted artwork and display cases)
    - Theatre and stage accent lighting, microphone mounted performer spotlight
    - Retail spaces
    - Architectural accent lighting
    - General purpose accent lighting

    Product Specifications

    Brightness 110lm


    Color Rendering Index 80 
    Containing Dimensions 65mm x 35mm x 28mm
    Weight 36g
    IP Rating IP63
    Finish Anodized Aluminum - Black
    Lens Angle 15° - Diffusible with Filters
    Lens Material PMMA
    Connector Standard 2.1mm/5.5mm DC Jack
    Minimum Lead Wire Length (Luminaire Base to Connector) 250mm
    Minimum Pigtail Extension Length 250mm
    Operating Characteristics
    Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
    Storage Temperature -40 25 85 °C
    Operating Temperature -10 25 55 °C
    Input Voltage 9 12 15 V
    Current Draw @ 12V   120   mA
    Input PWM Duty Cycle 10   100 %
    Input PWM Frequency 200   10000 Hz
    Power Consumption   1.3   W
    Lifetime Rating (>70% Original Brightness)   50,000   hours
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    Customer Questions
    How many Darklight Precision Alpha's can you run from one DarkBox Flicker?

    You can run up to 8 Darklight Precision Alpha's from one DarkBox Flicker.

    What is PWM?

    PWM stands for “Pulse Wave Modulation”. The technology is used to control dimming with LED lights. In some cases you can dim LED lights by reducing voltage but a better way (and the only way with some LEDs) is to keep the voltage constant but “pulse” it. That’s what PWM does… it pulses more frequent (bright) or less frequent (dim) 12V voltage to the LED. We offer several controllers based on PWM technology:


    Dimmer Controller for LED lighting

    DarkBox Flicker:


    Precision Alpha

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