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Zombie Invasion DVD

Zombie Invasion DVD

Put together a terrifying zombie scene that will give 'em all nightmares! Zombie Invasion features tons of rotting and mangled corpses, shuffling about and searching for flesh.

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An army of re-animated corpses wreaks havoc through walls and windows to feast on human flesh and brains! Perfect for simulating the future zombie apocalypse that we're all waiting for!

Zombie Invasion!

Zombies attack! Fiercely clawing through any obstacle in sight - they need to eat!

Zombie Swarm

Filthy rotting zombies stand outside the window, pawing at the glass so they can bust in and make you their next meal!

Zombie Shadows

A hungry horde of the undead attacks and tears at the window, trying to get inside for a quick bite!

Plaster Disaster

Zombies rip through a plaster wall and try to claw through it!

Unexpected Guests

Freak out your friends and guests as a group of mangled zombies suddenly reaches and lunges at a window.

Broken Barricades

Boarded-up windows are no match for these zombies, but the barrage of bullets from some talented zombie hunters certainly are!

Wandering Horde

In search of flesh, a horde of walking corpses meanders past a window.

Zombie Attack

Watch as a terrified man is overtaken by a group of zombies who enjoy making a meal of his guts!

Zombie Feast

A poor sap becomes a tasty snack for the undead.

  • Specially designed to work with projectors, televisions, and monitors.
  • Effects can easily be looped to run continuously
  • Comes with soundtrack


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  • Will this DVD play on a UK DVD player?
    Yes, these DVD's are not region coded and will work in any country.