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The Freezer DVD
  • The Freezer DVD
  • The Freezer DVD

The Freezer DVD

A dead girl hangs in a meat locker and sways in the room until one of your guests activates the FX then suddenly she storms into the screen screaming then freezes into ice and shatters everything but her skull.

In Stock


This is a breathtaking special FX for any haunted house complete with other versions of the FX.

DVD's include multiple versions of each cgi animation including different backgrounds, multiple buffers and more.
Ship Weight: 0.8 pounds


Product Faqs

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  • If i buy a DVD how do I get it onto an SD memory card ?
    By "ripping" the DVD with appropriate software. One such ripping program "HandBrake" is available for free here: http://handbrake.fr/
  • Is a commercial license required to show in a paid haunted house?
    No, this product does not require a commercial license.