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Possessed Pre-Show Portrait DVD

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Surprise and startle your guests with these possessed portraits that come-to-life!
With a shower of supernatural sparks, an ordinary portrait becomes a portal into the spirit world where a diabolic spirit comes back from the dead. This specific FX is perfect for the creation of a pre-show for your haunted house or inside any que line. Also the portrait could spring to life and try to attack your guests - it's your choice since each DVD includes both versions!

DVD's include multiple versions of each cgi animation including different backgrounds, multiple buffers and more.

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Customer Questions
If i buy a DVD how do I get it onto an SD memory card ?

By "ripping" the DVD with appropriate software. One such ripping program "HandBrake" is available for free here:

Is a commercial license required to show in a paid haunted house?

No, this product does not require a commercial license.

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