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Haunt Asylum DVD
  • Haunt Asylum DVD
  • Haunt Asylum DVD

Haunt Asylum DVD

Several CGI FX of Crazy Mental Patients trying to escape their padded cells.

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Each DVD includes both a female and male patient locked inside their padded rooms. The buffers show patients roaming around acting crazy and the trigger has them attacking their viewing windows. Create a false door place a TV where the glass would appear and you are set!

This DVD also features one major fx of a crazed doctor operating on a patient. Each FX is meant for your guests to peek thru a window to see patients. Three CGI FX on one DVD!
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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • If i buy a DVD how do I get it onto an SD memory card ?
    By "ripping" the DVD with appropriate software. One such ripping program "HandBrake" is available for free here: http://handbrake.fr/
  • Is a commercial license required to show in a paid haunted house?
    No, this product does not require a commercial license.