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Turning Statue Escape Room Puzzle

Turning Statue Escape Room Puzzle

Players must turn the antiquated-looking horse head statue to face the correct direction to open the included magnetic lock. Use clues like "The great king rode his warhorse West toward victory!" or any other word/visual clue you can think up. Once players figure out the riddle, they will have to turn the horse head statue to the precise direction in order to open a door, chest, wardrobe or other locked container.


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Due to the rigorous conditions of an Escape Room environment, we are unable to guarantee the perpetual operation of these products. If this item is integral to your experience, we recommend purchasing additional units. Information on warranty and return policies can be found here.

The base measures 6.5" square by 3" tall.

Horse head it 10" tall.

Prop Includes:

  • Detailed turnable horse statue with directional sensor.
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Power Supply

This prop provides power via a 12v output until it is solved, at which point it stops providing power, making it perfectly suited for use with a magnetic lock.

This product is built when ordered and can sometimes take several days or weeks to ship. Please contact us if you require an exact ship date.

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