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Sliding Die Box Deluxe

Sliding Die Box Deluxe

Magician displays a large single die and a box with 2 compartments. The die is placed in one side and the fun starts. Doors are closed, the box is tipped to one side, the door is opened to show the die has vanished. Well, the audience knows the die has just moved to the other side. Magician goes on and on as he suckers the audience into believing they know how its done, but at the end you open all 4 doors showing the die has really vanished only to reappear in an upside down hat on your table. Green, made of wood, good quality. 8 3/4 in long x 4 3/4 in deep x 4 1/2 in high.

Unfortunately we do not know when or if this product will be back.

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