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Paintball C02 Tank
  • Optional pressure gauge shown

Paintball C02 Tank

Power your pneumatic props from one of these small 20 ounce paintball tanks!

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Great for powering pneumatic props where there is no air compressor. One of these small tanks will run a small pneumatic prop for up to 12 hours without a recharge, Requires our special "Paintball Tank to pneumatic prop regulator" to regulate the high pressure CO2 down to the PSI range used by pneumatic props. Regulator contains a push-on fitting that accepts our standard 1/4" airline.

Tare weight 1.75 lbs, 3-1/4" diameter and 10-1/2" tall

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Who fills paintball CO2 tanks?
    We recommend renting a large C02 tank from a local welding or gas supply. Then use our "CO2 Fill Station" to fill these small tanks. You could also have them filled by local paintball stores or sporting good stores.
  • How long will a full cylinder last?
    It is difficult to calculate. We have run tests with a small pop-up prop that uses a 3/4" bore cylinder and were able to get up to 12 hours from one tank with a 20 second delay between activations.