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Please note that the 1-1/2" bore has a larger back end pivot mount that does not have threads.
1-1/2 Inch Bore Double-Acting Universal Mount Cylinder

1-1/2 Inch Bore Double-Acting Universal Mount Cylinder

SKU: 0758-1500
  • Power Factor: 1.77push/1.62pull
  • Port Size: 1/8"npt
  • Shaft Threads: 7/16-20
  • Mounting Threads: 3/4-16

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Our goal is to make it easy and fun to use pneumatics. If you run into any problems or have any questions please contact us, we are here to assist you!

Selecting Accessories We have created an easy to use part lettering system to make it easy to locate parts for your cylinder. Locate this cylinder's Easy Code in the table below. Look for that Easy Code (letter) next to the cylinder part in the Cylinder Accessories Section of our web site.

Please note that the 1-1/2" bore has a larger back end pivot mount that does not have threads.

Selecting Fittings To locate the correct Fittings with proper sizes for your cylinder locate the Air Port Size in the table below and match the fitting size to that. The most common fittings used to connect air to the cylinder are Male Connector Push-On and Male Swivel Elbow. You can also purchase a Cylinder Hookup Starter Kit which has all of the fittings, airline, and solenoid valve.

Calculating Force To calculate cylinder force take the Power Factor (push or pull) and multiply by the amount of air pressure (psi) that you will be supplying to the cylinder. For example; If the Power Factor: Push = .44 and the pressure = 100psi then the push force of the cylinder will be 44 pounds of force (.44 * 100 = 44).

More Options Available We have many additional options for these cylinders. Some of these include; internal bumpers (for noise reduction), rotated air ports, embedded pivot pin (brass pivot bushing is standard), flouresoelastomer seals (for superior chemical resistance), magnet for sensing switch, . Please contact us if you require any of these special options.

Additional Information

Easy CodeH
Air Port Size1/8" NPT
Shaft Thread Size7/16-20 (G) (H)
Mounting Thread Size3/4-16 (G) (H)
Pivot Hole Size.37 Diameter
Power Factor: Push1.77
Power Factor: Pull1.62
Maximum PSI250psi
Temperature Rating-20°F (-25°C) to 200°F (95°C)


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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • What is the overall length of a cylinder?
    Stroke determines how far the shaft extends. To determine the overall length of the entire cylinder see our diagrams here: Cylinder Dimensions and Thread Sizes
  • Can I use a double acting cylinder as a single acting or reverse acting?
    Yes, by using a 3-way valve and only supplying air to one side of the cylinder. See here for more information.
  • Can I spray paint the pneumatic cylinders?
    Yes, all parts of the cylinder except for the shaft can be painted. Be very careful not to get any paint on the shaft as it will effect performance!
  • Can these cylinders be used under water?