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Pneumatic Scent Sprayer
  • Pneumatic Scent Sprayer

Pneumatic Scent Sprayer

SKU: 0968-SPRY
Pneumatic system for spraying scents. Allows for precise direction and timing of scent dispersal!

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Allows precises and immediate dispersal of any scent from our Scent Cups! Simply place scent cup into the scent containment chamber and you are ready to go!

Includes regulator, scent chamber, solenoid valve, and 3' scent emitter tube for directing the scent exactly where you want it!

We have Scent Cups for every smelly occasion... Barnyard, Boiler Room, Bubble Gum, Burnt Rubber, Campfire, Cannonball, Charred Corpse, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Christmas Pine, Cinnamon, Circus Animal, Coffee, Dirt, Electric Chair, Exhaust, Forest, Garlic, Gasoline, Gothic, Gun Powder, Gun Smoke, Haunted House, Hell, Holiday Spice, Hospital, Jet Fuel, Lime Mint, Manure, Mildew, Mojito Mint, Ocean, Poop Fart, Popcorn, Pumpkin Spice, Rain Forest, Raw Sewage, Rose, Rotting Decay, Skunk, Slaughter House, Stinky Cheese, Sulfur, Swampy Marsh, Urine, Volcano, Whiskey, Wine Cellar.

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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • I am looking for a product that will spray a scent 20 to 30 feet into a crowd that will be strongly smellable. Will this product be able to do that?
    The distance the smell can be detected at will depend greatly on environmental conditions (air circulation, existing ambient odors, etc..). If you want to insure your scent reaches your entire audience you could route additional airline from the Scent Sprayer and, using Unions and Tees, create a network of dispersal sites throughout your venue.
  • Is the red button on top a pressure relief valve?
    The red button is not used and serves no function.
  • Does this scent sprayer make a loud air noise when the scent is released?
    It is fairly quiet.