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Haunted Crypts DVD

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10 Different CGI Versions of Zombies breaking through Crypts meant to make your guests SCREAM!
Each CGI FX comes complete with buffers of spiders crawling on the crypts to rats and much more. Now turn your
otherwise static graveyard crypts into zombie filled scares! The dead will rise from their crypts and destroy their brick tomb in an attempt to eat your guests.

All you need to display the FX is a TV monitor or projector and a video playback unit.

The FX on this DVD mix LIVE ACTION with Hollywood Level CGI FX offering your haunt a high tech CGI animation at affordable price!

Note: Contents on these dvd's are not to be copied, re-sold, transferred and are licensed to buyer
only. All rights are reserved. One DVD is required for each haunted house or attraction you build.
One DVD counts as a single license.

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Customer Questions
Can the clips be transferred to an SD card?

Yes, by "ripping" the DVD with appropriate software. One such ripping program "HandBrake" is available for free here:

I am going to order your DVD, can select scenes be transferred to an SD card from DVD?

All of our DVDs can be "ripped" to files (one file for each chapter on the DVD) that can then be put onto an SD card.

Can the video be transferred to an SD card for use in a digital video player?

Yes, you need to use software to "rip" the CD into files. The CD is not copy protected.

If i buy a DVD how do I get it onto an SD memory card ?

By "ripping" the DVD with appropriate software. One such ripping program "HandBrake" is available for free here:

Is a commercial license required to show in a paid haunted house?

No, this product does not require a commercial license.

Haunted Crypts

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