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Silicone masks are custom-made works of art and can take 4-6 weeks to create.
Standard Flesh
  • Standard Flesh
  • Standard Flesh
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The Leprosy Silicone Mask

“He is extraordinarily thin and his dress-coat hangs on a skeleton frame. His eyes are so deep that you can hardly see the fixed pupils. You just see two big black holes, as in a dead man's skull. His skin, which is stretched across his bones like a drumhead, is not white, but a nasty yellow. His nose is so little worth talking about that you can't see it side-face; and THE ABSENCE of that nose is a horrible thing TO LOOK AT. All the hair he has is three or four long dark locks on his forehead and behind his ears.”

-Gaston Leroux

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Hideously misshapen misanthropist with a taste for musical genius, misunderstood murderer of innocents or disfigured sadistic psychopath, this versatile mask is sculpted with incredible detail that will suite the character you have in your mind... or your nightmares!

Made of platinum grade silicone, this mask features an incredible all around fit, a full coverage bib and film quality detail down to the very pores! Cast in the same silicone used in feature films by the FX industry and colored using both intrinsic pigmentation and a multi-layered extrinsic painting technique, this mask has the same look and feel of human skin! Whether you want to fool your friends and family or add an amazing amount of realism to your Halloween costume, The Leprosy Silicone Mask will bring film-quality realism to the character you have in mind. Shown in Demon Flesh. Hair work is available. Please contact us if you have a custom style in mind as additional styles are often available at no extra cost.

If you require your order more quickly than the standard production timeframe, you can have your order expedited to the front queue by purchasing the Rush Production service. We recommend you contact us prior to choosing this option to discuss your individual order requirements and deadline.

This product is built when ordered and can sometimes take several days or weeks to ship. Please contact us if you require an exact ship date.


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