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5 Letter Password Lock Box

5 Letter Password Lock Box

This mysterious box could contain the secret of the ages, but you must open it to find out! Lock has 5 rotating dials with 26 letter each, so you can set the code to any 5-letter word. Players must dial in the correct word to open the box and reveal the mysteries inside!

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Heavy and durable. Made from metal and durable plastic.

To change the code, follow these steps:

  • Open the lock
  • Remove the two small metal screws that are holding the text wheels in place
  • Remove the text wheels
  • Spin the plastic outer wheel so that the letter you want to use is aligned with the internal metal groove of the text wheel
  • Once you have selected the letters you want to use, replace the text wheels
  • Re-secure the metal cap that holds the text wheels in place
  • Replace the small screws and close the lock

Ship Weight: 2 pounds

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