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Weight Detecting Escape Room Prop

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Players must find the correct object, or group of objects, to place on the sensor and open a lock (or trigger another device).

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This prop is designed to be used in an Escape Room to detect when items equaling a predetermined weight are placed on a scale.

The prop controller has 4 relays. You can connect indicator lights, magnetic locks or any other electric device to the relays. The relay functions are as follows:

Relay 0: Turns on when a scale is detected

Relay 1: Turns on for X seconds when a weight that is below the target weight is detected

Relay 2: Turns on for X seconds when a weight that is above the target weight is detected

Relay 3: Turns on for X seconds when a weight that is equal to the target weight is detected

(values for X are programmable and can be changed to best suite the needs of the game)

Audio function is also included and audio files will play for different puzzle states, including when a weight that is too high or too low is detected, and when the puzzle is successfully solved.

Please Note

  • The maximum weight of this prop is 10 pounds
  • A USB Flash Drive is required to load settings onto the prop controller
  • The scale powers off after 3 minutes of inactivity. Making the turning on of the scale part of the puzzle avoids this issue
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