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Button colors may vary!
Four Button Color Coded Escape Room Prop

Four Button Color Coded Escape Room Prop

SKU: 0998-4BTS
Players must press the 4 buttons in the correct order (and the correct number of times) to open the included magnetic lock. The exact order and number of presses can be set to any combination you want (up to 19 individual presses).


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Due to the rigorous conditions of an Escape Room environment, we are unable to guarantee the perpetual operation of these products. If this item is integral to your experience, we recommend purchasing additional units. Information on warranty and return policies can be found here.

Prop Includes:

  • Control box
  • 4 colored buttons
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Power Supply

This prop provides power via a 12v output until it is solved, at which point it stops providing power, making it perfectly suited for use with a magnetic lock.


To program the button sequence follow these steps

  • Wire the buttons to the control box if they are not already wired. To do this, connect each set of black wires to a button. Connect the wires to the 13 and 14 terminals of the buttons.
  • Wire the magnetic lock to the control box. Connect the red and black wire coming from the control box to the two wires of the magnetic lock (Red to Positive (red) and Black to Negative (black))
  • Plug in the power supply.
  • With the power supply plugged in, the magnetic lock should be engaged,
  • To program the sequence, you will need to press the programming button. There are two buttons leading to the control box. One should be labeled 'CONFIGURE'.
  • Press the CONFIGURE button (you should hear two quick beeps)
  • Slowly press the desired sequence of buttons. It is best top press the buttons slowly and firmly.
  • Once you have completed entering your series, press the CONFIGURE button again and wait for the long beep before releasing. The program is saved.
  • Unplug the power supply for 5 seconds.
  • Plug the power supply back in.
  • You should now be able to enter your saved sequence and open the magnetic lock!
  • Press the reset button (the other red button) to reset the prop and reactivate the lock.
This product is built when ordered and can sometimes take several days or weeks to ship. Please contact us if you require an exact ship date.

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