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NOTE: This kit now includes a parking motor at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
Electric Lid Opener
  • Electric Lid Opener

Electric Lid Opener

An electric solution for a popular illusion! This mech opens and closes a lid. Will open and close lid repeatedly, or, with optional PicoVolt controller, lid can remain closed until the trigger is activated, then open and close.

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Finger-Hand Hazard!

Easily attach to any box, coffin or barrel and the mech opens and closes the lid! Attach a prop head to the inside of the box lid and it will appear to pop out of the box!

Comes complete with...

  • The FrightProps High-Torque Dual Speed Prop Motor
  • High-Amperage Power supply
  • Power supply adapter
  • Shaft arm with 6" connector shaft (can be cut with hacksaw to accommodate different openings)
  • Inverted Mounting Bracket for Motor
  • Mounting Bracket for Lid
  • Optional Controller
  • Optional Trigger

      Will run at a constant speed and direction when plugged in. Use the optional PicoVolt controller for speed and direction control.

      Looking to have a lid open when triggered and stay open? We suggest a linear actuator for that!


Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • What is the maximum weight it will lift?
    No more than 5 pounds.
  • Can these motors be run right from a 12V car battery?
    Yes, they work great from a 12V DC car or motorcycle type battery.