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This product requires an air compressor (not included)
Black Widow Cobwebbing Gun
  • Shown with airline assembly removed and stands installed

Black Widow Cobwebbing Gun

The Black Widow cobweb shooter is a professional level cobweb gun without the heavy price tag!

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The Black Widow uses a 200 watt UL listed gun which is capable of producing 6-7 pounds of cobwebs per hour and can be used inside or outside in temperatures down to 45 degrees. Our high wattage gun allows you to shoot webs non-stop without having to continuously wait for the gun to reheat every few minutes which is a common problem with low end guns which are typically 80 watts or lower.

  • Cobwebbing Sticks sold separately.
  • Requires an air compressor and household electricity

Ship Weight: 1.6 pounds

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Black Widow Cobwebbing Sticks - Standard

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • My gun keeps getting clogged up
    If you are having problems with the glue flipping up and clogging the gun, there are two things you can do. First, use a pocket knife or flat head screwdriver, and put the blade between the glue nozzle and the airline and bend the airline slightly down until there is a 3/16" space between the nozzle and the airline. If necessary, realign the airline so it is directly below the glue nozzle, but maintaining the space. That will probably fix your problem. If not, make sure that the valve on the airline is partially shut and not on full blast.
  • Where can I get an air compressor suitable for this gun?
  • Does the Black Widow web gun have a valve to turn off the air?
    Yes, the Black Widow contains an air shut off valve at the base of the unit. It can be partially closed to restrict airflow as well.
  • What size sticks does this gun use?
    .44 inch
  • Are the webs easy to clean up after use?
    Yes, easy to clean from most surfaces but you should test before covering an item.
  • How do I use the two metal pieces that come with?
    The two metal pieces are stands that can be installed and used only when the airline assembly has been removed. The Black Widow is a multi-use tool. It is a Pneumatic Cobweb Gun and by removing 4 screws and sliding the airline assembly off, it can be used as a high wattage Hot Glue Gun without the airline assembly in the way. Only i-Zombie's Black Widow Cobweb Gun has this feature. Instructions for airline removal is included with each Black Widow.