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What our customers say about us


I love this site! I got my order in just a few days! Love the selection of props! Really easy to use and very friendly staff. You guys rock!

Johnathan Jarman


I've always had great experience ordering from this company. they've always responded quickly with answers to my questions so i give them an A+

Bruce Janzer


Purchased your lid opener kit and put together a toxic waste barrel with a pneumatic lid. With a little help from your great staff online, I put together a scary and durable prop. It was the hit of Halloween night. Oh yeah also got the axworthy ghost kit which worked out very well!

Casey Rummerfield


I have purchased a pick boo, boo box flex, quad relay cards, and now an 8 channel on off ac accessory. All items work great and are easy to use. I'm currently using my boo box and relay cards to do a musical lighting display. The staff here is also top notch, answering quickly, any question you may have.



I've bought everything from motors, prop controllers, gears to air equipment and linear actuators. Sometimes the docs could use an extra bit of love and tender care, but I'm a DIY IoT person, so haven't had much of an issue with anything. Stuff always works well and stays solid. We are the pride of the neighborhood between this and our massive RGB light display. We couldn't do the props without you.



We couldn't have done the last five years of haunting without FrightProps, I cant thank you guys enough for having the most accessible and affordable equipment/props. Once again, Thanks from San Antonio, TX!! You Guys Rock!

Tony Guerrero


Sent doug an email at 5:00 am I then got a response at 7:00am thanks to doug for answering my question!

Camden Fitzpatrick


Thanks to FrightProps for supplying the controllers for my haunted mailbox and electric chair. Without those and other parts from them, the props would not work or would have taken more time to build a controller. I'm building more props so look out for more orders from me in the future. Oh cool catalog too!

Brad Hori


Once again Doug and his ghastly crew provided fantastic stuff for our 2015 Season. There really is no where else to shop for the best in Haunted Attraction props and customer service. Keep up the great work!

Steve Myers


Very fast shipping, even at the busiest time of the year (and we all know what time that is!), quality products, and fair prices. Their line of PicoBoo controllers are effective, flexible, and easy to use. Great company for all your Halloween needs!

Richard Heilman


So I am a small time player who buys things for a small 3 car garage haunt/trick or treat. I love the products at Frightprops and buy most everything here. All my hydraulics have come from here along with many other things. This weekend I was trying to hook up a new hydraulic and was having a ton of trouble so I tried contacting Frightprops not thinking they would respond given it was a Sunday. Amazingly they responded right away. Well after bugging them so much about wiring and me thinking I was doing it wrong for about 3 hours, I finally figured out I had a bad power source! Who would have thought! Not me! I felt like an idiot but Doug was kind enough to take the time with me and to not make fun of me outright….even though I am sure he said a few kind words about me to himself (and I don’t blame him) My point to all of this is…Frightprops has great products and even better service!!!



I can't thank you enough. While setting up our fund raising "Haunted Hill" last week I realized I was short one motion sensor Frightprops came through I got the needed sensor in the mail yesterday.

Fred Paulsen


Have been buying from Fright Props for 4+ years. Not only do they have the best selection, their prices are terrific. I've checked Amazon for more generic items like fittings, etc... only to find Fright Props beats their price. Shipping is fast and customer service awesome!

Bob S


Well I bought a picoFX had some issues trying to get it to do what I wanted.... so i sent an email. The response was time was unbelievably quick. The help i received was amazing their customer service is second to no one. I love the product works amazing. I have officially written off all other Halloween shops. If i am going to buy and I will be buying stuff for Halloween i will look no further fright props rocks.



Love your stuff and prices!! and way fast delivery!! But wish you had a way to review the products after you get them. Keep up the great site and work!!!

Kevin Darga


I found your site about a year ago, and hesitated to order. Now that I have, I have a list of items to order that I can't find in other places. With a background in theatre lighting, its great to have a team with some great products to let my imagination go! This year my coffin will open a close when triggered, next year, I add lightning and possibly a flying Vampire. Keep up the good work! A customer for Life, Bill

William Winkworth


Last year bought Perfect Storm. Arrived "Dead" Fright Props send replacement no Just in questions asked and super fast delivery at no charge. Just in time for Halloween. I am going to order second Perfect Storm. Thank you for great service and awesome products.

Johan Parsons


Very nice the stuff is cool and cheep but works good love this place



I needed some cylinders and other props right before Halloween and they all arrived on time before Halloween. Without a doubt the best Halloween store ever.

Hunter Jones


Great products and good prices

David Raines


We are a 5th year haunted attraction and we buy a little more from Fright Props each year. I left a Pico Boo controller under a trailer outside for a year. It still works perfectly. The customer service and shipping are FAST, even during the busy season. The products are durable and the value is outstanding. Thanks FP!



Placed my 3rd order with FrightProps yesterday. There was an issue with shipping charges. The problem was resolved within 24 hours. Thank you for your great products and awesome customer service!

Will Naber


A few months back I ordered a Picostorm system and a haunted portrait prop from Frightprops. The Picostorm package with the halogen lights was easy to set-up worked wonderfully. Being that it was my first haunted portrait prop with the Unliving Portraits digital download, I received phenomenal customer support from Scott Bibus at Frightprops who answered all of my emails and concerns before and after receiving my order. It has just been a really excellent experience overall. I will definitely order from Frightprops again down the line for my Halloween needs.



I absolute love the company and the people! Best customer service ever!

sheri stirewalt


Frightprops has the sickest inventory on the planet! I am a yard haunter and they supply everything I need to everything the pros need. Frightprops is the chosen one! Stay Hallow!

David Smith


Have made several purchases this year for our haunted hayride (Picoboos, Doom Cannon, Motion sensors, Foggers, etc) and all have arrived quickly and worked flawlessly!!! Customer service at Fright Props is friendly and easy to deal with!!!.............Will definitely be back and keep up the great work!!!!



Very helpful staff in replying to what may seem like silly questions. Thank you fright props employees. Fast and informative responses and great pricing!

Steven Z


Ordered the fright lite, electric cracker , and mobile power pack . Came in great time ( to Canada ) perfectly packaged .Love the catalog and can't wait to order more!



Frightprops is with out a doubt one of the best halloween season suppliers. Always affordable, great variety and very happy to answer any question . Frightprops is serious about Halloween fun!

Michael Ott


I made my first order last week. My order came quick. I got the picoboo f1-104s prop controller. I could not be happier! I used to try and build my own controllers with so so results, with the picoboo controller with in maybe 10 min I had it hooked up and running. It is 100% more then I could have asked for. It's simple to use and is so flexible to program. I got this product for my haunted house but seeing all it can do I will be incorporating theses controllers in all my holiday displays. I will also say this is a great company they were very quick to answer all my questions I had. Thank you for your superior products and help.

Jesse wyman


The PicoBoo AC controller was PERFECT for my needs. Thank you!

Brent Granere


Purchased many 12 volt motors over the years from FP. Converted my Downrigger to electric with one, Electric steering added to my bow-mounted Eletric Trolling motor and about to create electric anchor rope retreiver with another. Never had any troubles with the motors from FP. Best prices that can be found.



Thanks to all the FRIGHTPROPS crew, it is always a pleasure to order and receive the stuff I need to keep "The Haunted Hayride" in Berkeley Springs, WV going. You guys are top notch. I got some guys hanging and kicking on the bottom of their last notch. If you know what I mean. HA HA

Rob Ford


FrightProps is my best kept secret! If I told my neighbors about you, their haunts would be as good as mine! SORRY... but I am NOT Sorry!!!!

Stephen Kamin


I just wanted to thank you for always providing excellent customer service. We just bought the Scent Distribution Box to use in our Hansel & Gretel Haunt that we are building. We purchased the Chocolate Chip Cookie scent cup with it and it smells amazing. It is exactly what we had hoped for. This is an excellent product. We highly recommend it to all you haunters!

Sarah Deford


I find frightprops to have very good products I will continue to buy from them because they make my yard haunt better and better every year

joseph cruz


I just received my zombie (death rising) WOW!!!! He was worth the money, Love him.

Laurie Ladd


I can't wait to get my PicoBooFX and try it out!!! This site ROCKS!!!!

David Freeman


I love FrightProps! Great props, fast shipping, and overall a fantastic source for my haunting needs!

Bobby Copper


I've ordered from Fright Props for many years now. The reason is simple. Quality merchandise(years after the fact it still works, can't say that for many), large selection, reasonably priced, and my favorite one as I've dealt with more vendors....FAST delivery, and quality customer service. Every year I find myself following up multiple times with some vendors to find out where my merchandise is, and not being able to get someone on the phone with a question. Those things have never happened to me with Frightprops. Order from them, you won't be sorry.

Hugh Miller


Everything I've ever gotten from Frightprops has arrived quickly, in perfect shape, and just as the website described it. Absolutely great service.

Daniel Doepke


I purchased a wiper motor and made my childhood rocking chair prop really ROCK! Thank you Fright Props for easy to use plug and play equipment!



I was so happy with the prop motors I bought last year, I looked here first for the Axworthy Ghost prop I wanted this year for my home haunt. From what I've read, that is a notoriously finicky prop, but I feel like I can count on FrightProps to take the guesswork out of it.

Becky Stewart


I am so happy and satisfied with the support provided by Frightprops. Thanks for the direction and patience you showed! Excellent products that live up to expectations! I found your prices to be competitive, but the service definitely puts you over the top!

Bill Thompson


I was building an animatronic clown doll for my local movie theater for the opening weekend of the Poltergeist remake. The prop was built but I still needed actuators to make it move. With less than a week to finish the build I contacted Fright Props with some questions about their products and then ordered the supplies I needed. I was truly satisfied with their lightening fast responses to my questions (via email), super fast shipping, and quality parts! I will definitely be doing business with them again!! Thanks!

John Christian


I can't say enough good about you guys. I love everything I have ever purchased from you. I recently purchased some latex, a Casa Fear kit, and a giant spider animatronic. All AWESOME! I love the spider. I just finished my Casa. The head is my first attempt at sculpting and casting a mask. Your latex worked great. Here is a link to my video if you would like to see the finished product: https://youtu.be/J2jEFJgExkc

Nick Davis


I can ALWAYS depend on Doug and his ghastly crew at Frightprops for the latest and greatest in Haunted Attraction goodies. With over 25 years in the business of haunting, I know what fantastic customer service means....and Frightprops has it. Keep up the great work!

Steve Myers


I order from you guys every year. This is by far my favorite company, and so affordable too. I re look through the catalog several times circling my favorites and folding the pages down. I just recently became pro haunter so I'm always asked where I get my stuff. I throw out fright props name everytime.



Great Products, Good prices, Fast shipping, Awesome customer service! I have ordered from several times and I will order from again. Why go elsewhere?



Awesome customer service. This is our go to site for everything HALLOWEEN!



Your Fright Ideas Controllers are the best. Boo Boxes and Pico Boo Items open up a whole new world of possibilities for my new hobby. I actually have 2 Flex Max and 4 Pico Boos running some of my Samamatronics Crazy Creature Creations found on YouTube. One Pico Boo runs flawlessly all year round to greet my customers in front of my business where Oscar the Grouch from Sesame street pops out of a trash can many times a day. Great products and great support!

Sam splonski


I can't say enough positive things about FrightProps. We build and operate a 5,000 sq foot haunt in support of Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run and we operate basically on a low budget therefore we build all of our props. We have purchased a wide variety of parts, controllers, triggers, and such within the last several years. Frightprops products has made our haunt successful and their staff has provided exceptional support! Thanks for always being just an email away! Sheila Crow, Harlow Haunt

Sheila Crow


You guys have provided nothing but excellent products for my home haunts! Keep doin what your doin.

Chad Smith


Great products, great prices and a great group of people. They stand behind their products for customer success!

Corey Fowler


I just received the low frequency effect CD and it is amazing. Shipping was the quickest of any website! I will be sure to order from here again!

jennifer Mauser


First order from here was a little hairy. Due only to a mix up from FedEx. The customer service was excellent. Will certainly be ordering more from here.

Bradley Murphy


By far the greatest Halloween website of all-time! Fast shipping, great customer support, and the high quality products. Their pneumatic cylinders are the best ones I have every used. Happy Haunting!

Hunter Jones


Product quality is superb, support is great. Looking forward to future haunts and the assistance you provide to help me put it all together from I my head to my yard. Get your haunt on!



I purchased a Talking Skull from FrightProps for the entrance of my Haunt, Joe Allocco's The Franklin Square Horror. It worked and Looked Absolutely Incredible! Everyone talked about how professional it looked! I'm so glad I purchased this prop

Joe Allocco


My homemade haunted house is now 100x scarier thanks to Frightprops!!! best quality, best prices, and best scare!

Sam Warnock


We bought the barrel kit, and everything works perfect. Wrong bolts were shipped, but those are easy enough to find, and now we have a prop that scares the daylight out of people!

Black Forest


Frightprops is honestly the number one spot for ALL your haunting needs! Frightprops makes Haunted attractions! you cant not find something For your Haunt!! I Order Everything for my company with frightprops! its simple when it comes to haunting your not doing it right unless you shop with FrightProps. Fast shipping and Great Customer Care!

Steve Guild


You guys have the coolest halloween prop / fright store on the net by far! I love browsing through all the cool merch -- just ordered a talking skulls cd and catalog which I can't wait to get. Thanks again!

Rob Showell


I really wish I could keep FrightProps as my secret scare weapon. Incredible products, inspiring ideas. The first time I added their controllers to one of my scenes I was amazed and so was everyone who saw my front yard haunt. "That's sick!! How'd ya do that?" is all I heard. Sorry FrightProps, I didn't give away the secret. You’ll have to do your own promotion ; ) Thanks FP



This is the BEST place to buy amazing Halloween props!!

Sam Warnock


I took your skull build a complete body around it hook up speakers and a computer. Then I add a program name Jessica. Now think of a smart phone with a face and legs. I did well at the Comicon. I hope to do much more with her this year. The kids love her!

alan haley


This place is the best! great quality props, and fast shipping. Fright props is the a company that will never be replaced!

Alex Guddeck


Frightprops has got to be THE best Haunted Atttaction/home haunter supplier on the face of the earth. A staff that treats you like an old friend, not a customer. Knowledgeable. Exclusive stock. Cutting edge technology. I've been haunting for over 35 years. The last 20 professionally. I've seen a lot of "fly by night" suppliers. Frightprops is nothing but excellent in everything they do. Keep up the great work.

Steve Myers


By far the best and most reliable vendor in the industry! I can't count how many times the crew at F.P. have saved the day when we needed last minute items or advice on how to create specific effects. Solid products with fast shipping, reliable, knowledgeable and friendly service. I can't say enough good things about Fright Props! Thank you Doug, Scott and Kathleen for all your help and service over the years!

Carson Cano - Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo


Thank you fright props for being awesome, you always have what I want!



I do a small little haunted house in my garage. This year I decided that I was going to animate one of my props and I thought I would go to Amazon and get things to make it work. Well I learned my lesson. I came across Frightprops by accident and I am so thankful I did! I was kind of lost looking at all the stuff so I decided on sending an email with some questions as to what to get for a simple animation. I wasn’t even expecting a reply but I received a reply with all the information in a very short time. Still a little lost I asked a few more questions and I could not believe how helpful they were at this very busy time of year for them. Even after I placed the order I made a mistake and they wrote me to make sure what I wanted!! What GREAT service! I got my stuff and I had a blast putting it all together to make my animation work! I already have more ideas to add some things for next Halloween and I know where I am going, frightprops.com!!! Thank you guys for helping the world scare people!

Todd Wallarab


We couldn't quite figure out the final steps for hooking up our Picoboo to the torso lifter and he walked us through step by step. Even explained how to hook up the other effects we wanted to run along with it. Did a test run and everything worked great. Woohoo! Bring on Halloween.



Love these guys... fast service, quick replies to technical questions (even in October, when I know they're swamped) and when I had a problem with one of their products (appeared to be a dead remote) they shipped a replacement out with a prepaid return label without me having to ship the original item back first. Makes me wish I had more to spend.

Ben Davis


This place truly amazes me. First off, what a great team that runs fright props. Fast responses to emails, and great customer service. Products are top of the line and fast shipping. Frightprops has become my favorite site over night!

Vince Accardo


Your web site is very easy to use, your prices are great and your selection of products is the best around , , , , and the caracters on your web site reminds me of Zap comix, love it.

Dwight Turner


I recently bought a PicoBoo AC controller and it was shipped very quickly and then when I burned up the solenoid the folks at FRIGHTPROPS helped me figure what I did wrong and sent me replacement parts, again very quickly. You guys are great and will be getting more of my business.

Dwight Turner


Ive been ordering motors and parts from you for the past year and am totally pleased! You have fast shipping and GREAT customer service! Its always great doing business with you! Keep up the great work! Randy

Randy Skalos


Doug and the crew ROCK! We order product all the time, always great service, ALWAYS delivered on time. The product is great and the service is there.. and that says a LOT these days. Thank you FrightProps!

Paul Boyd - Chambers of Fear Haunted House


Excellent knowledge, fast and accurate shipping along with good pricing…. My #1 goto for haunt props.



I got your talking skull about 3 years ago and only have one problem with the mouth stop. I send it back and you fix it in less then three week and she as good as new. I was use it first at work for Halloween, but now with my computer and a new program. She have become nearly a work of art! Thanks! P.S. I'll send you a picture.

alan haley


This is the place to get it all- I've placed several orders. Not only do they have all the parts to build your own props, but they show you how to choose the right ones and how put it all together. I bought here because of the tutorial videos and the product support.

Jim Venvertloh


Fantastic selection and quick service. I built a pneumatic prop for the first time this year and this website was a fantastic resource. The prop came out great and I can't wait to try it on Halloween. I built a pop up reaper from a pillar that will be the anchor for a homemade fence. It looks fantastic! Thanks!

Eric Larson


FrightProps has everything you need for your Haunt. The service and support are great. The shipping is quick. If you forget something they'll do what ever it takes to get it to you. Thanks again FrightProps!

Gil Lovato


Always willing to help you out - very good quality products. Shipping is the best - quick delivery and well packed. Always looking forward to new products - will be a constant customer.

Al Johnson


Doug and His crew do a awesome job, we have been buying props from them for 2 years now, and completely satisfied ! They will answer any tech questions you have !!



Ill have to leave more comments for you because i am above and beyond satisfied with Frightprops.. quick shipping, excellent customer service, awesome tech tips, and overall the best quality haunt props available!!!!!

Erik Sayenga


Fast Shipping! Received my order under a week! Bought the FLASH! Cracker and was amazed!



Fright Props helped take my amateur haunt to a new level. With well over a thousand visitors I'm now thinking of going pro in 2012! Fright Props has everything you need to do this! Not only do they have great products but great service and how to videos. They returned my call WHILE they were at a trade show......WOW!! I'm impressed!! Great job guys..............Creepy Chris

Chris Britton AKA Creepy Chris


Super fast shipping, just hooked up the three way solenoid and led spot light! Great products that work flawlessly!

Mike Ramsey


Excited by the expediant arrival of parts I quickly tore into the package and found out by a small oversight one of the parts was not quite right. When customer service was contacted, I was told to just keep the wrong parts and the correct ones were priority shipped with a couple of bonuses to boot. Stellar experience all around and proud to say Frightprops is my new go-to place for all my haunting needs.

Mark Shields/Ten-31 Studios


Just bought the Flash! Stick and let me say this product is awesome!!! Exceeded my expectations...Great price, great product. And shipping was INCREDIBLE! Extrememly fast! I have recomended to all my fellow haunters in the area as well as my staff to consider Frightprops first!

Tim @ FrightNights Haunted House, Albany


I purchase all of my pneumatics and controllers from FrightProps. The best products that I have worked with. The customer service is awesome! Doug and Scott always answers a question quickly. And the how-to-videos are extremely helpful. My favorite place to shop.

Rob G


I purchased a FLASH! cracker and parts to make a talking skull (picotalk,skull,etc.) from frightprops for my 2011 haunt! All of these products work FLAWLESSLY! Frightprops is now my favorite haunt prop vendor!



Fast responses to support, excellent answers with the response, ordered on a sunday got my product packaged well and fast 3 days after, product was perfect condition and am ordering again as i type, top notch service and product.



Kudos on the great service. I have made many product inquiries and purchases over the last couple of years and have always received excellent service. Products have been great too, keep it up.

Ron C


Superb communications - Scott always makes sense of my dumb questions and comes back with clear and honest answers. The web store is well designed but even the great pictures and videos do not do justice to the actual high quality and top notch design of each and every product I have ever ordered. I am always amazed that every time I receive my order, they far exceed my actual expectations in every way. This company is truly a talented team of professionals who know how to treat a customer, I will always check their site before I consider looking anywhere else for my Haloween needs!

Pat in the Netherlands


I received the tentacle today. I am VERY pleased with the quality and design of your product. I run a small independent film making studio specializing in Kid films of Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure and horror. (Sometimes referred to as "Unintentionally non-profit", but that's the way it goes sometimes.) Finding decent props and prop making tools is generally pretty difficult. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Many thanks!

Edward Darkslade


Been Building my own props for 2 yrs now and have been getting parts from different places. This is a great place to do one stop shopping for all my needs. Also a great web page and awesome catalog. Excellent serve too.

Jeff Home Haunter


I wanted to say thank you... I am new at Halloween prop making using Pneumatics and have been researching the "How To's" on the web. I wasn't having much luck understanding how the solenoid valves worked until I came across your web site. The You Tube video's made it so easy to understand. I was going to use another site to order my stuff but you guys won my business. Thank you so much for making it "Dumb Proof" I will use you guys from now on for my Halloween prop needs.

Claude Jones


Purchased the bloody severed head prop... looks freaky real! Thanks.

Jason McGovern


Thanks for shipping so quickly!

Brian Severs


Bought the machine gun air cannon and clown barrel popper. WOW! Great stuff and quick ship. Will do business again next year!

Art Johnson


Suggestion: for us novice haunters; it would be nice for you to have a schematic of a simple air driven system. Where do the regulators go in relation to the actuators,etc. I love your website and products we have ordered. Thanks.

Jeff Quesenberry


The Low-Lying fog machine that I ordered is great it works better than I thought it would. It works great with my Halloween decor. Fast shipping. Thanks for a great product and I will be back for a lot more.



great products fast shipping thanks Doug and see ya at hauntcon



These guys are AWESOME! Fast shipping and they actually call you back when you need help. Thanks guys.

Dan J


Fast Delivery of the items and Easy website to get on and order and nice people running fright props

Jeremy Koos


Used a BooBox Mini to run a home-made "restless toe pincher coffin" and it came off perfectly. Excellent sound quality too (not like some other products that sound like AM radio) plus the programming was easy and exactly as stated. Thanks for a great product for us home haunters too!

Jack Taddeo


purchased a switch mat and air hose from fright props great quality and prompt shipping just the catalyst i needed for an explosive season

Dave Dillen


Doug, thanks for your speedy turn around in keeping us in pressure mats and assorted devices, you kept our season up and running. Thanks!

Eric at Full Moon Productions, Inc


I ordered some pneumatic cylinders and other parts...then a couple of days later repeated the order. Doug called to point out that it was a duplicate and canceled the 2nd order. I'll be ordering again next year!

George H


Doug, Thank you for everything. Your products are fantastic and your turn around time was (as always) better than expected, especially during crunch time! I have always had great luck with your products, but when I had a minor problem with one of my items, your professionalism and service was outstanding!! Thanks for playing a role in another successful season at the Seneca Falls Haunted House!

Truman Bells, Screaming Corpse Productions


I am a cancer survivor and wanted to accomplish a few things since going through treatment. One of the big things on my list was to create a pneumatic Halloween prop as I have always wanted to do this. My wife's birthday is on Halloween so it has always been a big celebration for us. The only place I could find all of the information and product that I needed was on Prightprops.com. I hooked the cylinder up to a PVC swivel device that was used to have a corpse rise out of a coffin. I have a feeling I will be relying on and purchasing much more product from Frightprops. Thanks for making our Halloween party and future Halloween bashes a success. Thanks again, Brian Finn

Brian Finn


Doug, I purchased a solenoid with 50' line and exhaust port. It worked great on my monster pop up. The unit is small so as to fit in a tight place. I will definitely purchase again from your website. Thanks for enclosing a catalog with my order, that was great. I'm interested in building the Hellevator in the future but was looking into using pressure airbags. Thanks again for an exiting Halloween.

Jose Luis


I was amazed at how well FrightProps hooked me up! I got my merchandise from them a couple days after I ordered them and only 2 weeks away from Halloween, Without your quick response My Haunted House would have been a Flop! Thank You so much! My Haunted house was the talk of Satellite Beach all the way to Canaveral Beach! Thank You will be doing buisness with you again real soon!

Doug Kunkle Satellite Beach Fl


As a repeat customer, I can say that FrightProps is simply the best. The products are well built, easy to use, and extremely effective. Thanks to FrightProps, my home haunt had over 500 visitors this year. Thanks so much, and Happy Haunting...

Quill Jones


everything we purchased from you met or exceeded my expectations and we had a great haunt season. I look forward to dealing with you again next year

mike williams county line orchard


the parts ordered from this company were great. All my props work well not to mention long and hard. I am getting ready to place a new order so I can begin building next year. Good Products and great delevery time thanks Ron from dayton ohio

Ron Ankney Dayton ohio


Thanks for all the great products and service you have provided this season. We are extremely confident that what you sell will be as advertised and will perform without fail. A pleasure to do business with, hope to see you at Transworld.

Mark Wineman .. Kalyumet Trail of Terror


Super awesome and Super easy. I have never used pneumatics before, yours was the only site that had a "just add air" product. It worked so well, I bought 2. Thanks for making my house haunt look more professional.

Ted Campos


Your website is very easy to navigate. Delivery of items was fast and everything arrived in order. Products worked great. Will definitely order from you again. Thanks

Gail Corsello


I am very pleased with the two 1 1/2 bore cylinder kits I purchased. They operated flawlessly. Overall you are the only company that I found that offered this sort of complete kit. This helped tremendously in my ability to quickly set up a prop for air operation. I also researched your prices as compared with buying the individual pieces and you are very competitive. I also appreciated that everything was neatly packaged for shipping and not just thrown in a box. Keep up the good work!

Alan R


Everything that I bought at FrightProps worked extremely well at my annual Halloween Party. The body parts are very realistic and of good quality. I will definitely purchase more items here.

Paul Powell


I am a technically challenged person and ran into formatting problems with my FrightWave boxes. Doug was very helpful in helping me to get the sounds configured properly and, most importantly, was available for customer service during the busy October haunt weeks. Thanks Doug!

John Coen


I got a air cylinder on ebay and fright props told me what kit to use to put in action and my first pneumatic prop was a hair raising success at halloween

Gary Jeurink


Your cylinders and solenoids worked as expected, they were great. I will most certainly do business with you again... Everything worked well and never failed.

Denny...Spider Hill- at Three Sisters Park Chil


I upgraded my Halloween pneumatics with rams and accessories from FrightProps. What a pleasure it was to use REAL pneumatics! Prior to this, I had used the homemade designs for PVC pipe rams and dishwasher solenoids. They were always problematic and not very safe. The pneumatics from FrightProps worked perfectly (and safely) every time. I will definitely be shopping here when I construct future pneumatic props.

Kevin F ... Illinois home haunter


What a pleasure it was doing business with FrightProps! Super fast shipping and great products. Will be shopping here again!

Todd Tucker


We had a ball using "AIR" this year! We had a great experience using your products and will be back to order more!!

Jeff & Michele Quesenberry/MD Home Haunter


Fright props came through for us all year long even through the last hour. The pressure mats as simple as they are saved me this year. The pressure mats as simple as they are saved me this year.

Patrick Lowe


Met FrightProps at HauntX & Have ordered a lot of FANTASTIC props since!! Excellent customer service. Will continue to do business in the future!

Screamin' Freeman at Nightmares Haunted House


You guys ROCK! The hopping drum and attack spider I purchased are great. Thanks!

Jeff @ Terror Field


frightprops has an amazing selection, and doug is very patient when it comes answering stupid questions! i will definitely be supporting this company as long as it's around. keep up the good work and great sense of humor, doug.

Morgan Atkinson


Best place on the planet for the LEARNING and/or HOME haunter, and pro's alike. Doug is great at resolving any issue, and you can't beat the array of stuff they offer the home builder, that you just can't find anywhere else. I LOVE this place!! Thanks Doug.

John Belius


Fast shipping! Great Products! Great Prices! Thanks!

James Dale


Sweet pneumatics, very effective. My haunt is going to the next level, and a way less cost then buying animatronics. Saving thousands of dollars, how can you argue with that? Fright Props kicks some major butt!

Dan Henry


I love you guys, all your props have incredible detail at a good ptice.



This is a very cool and awsome site i'm so getting my things from here



I've ordered supplies from several different sights. You guys are definitely the most accurate, and have by far the fastest delivery. I will continue to use you. Thanks.



Wonderful Products,Excellent Customer Service,Super Company.Will Do Business With Again. Thanks



It's amazing that even during your crunch time, you get your products out in a timely manner. Everything I've ever purchased has shown up quickly and worked properly. Nothing but a great shopping experience.



Wow. 4 day turnaround to Canada this late into Halloween. I'm impressed. Will buy more from you, that is for sure. Steve



Wow, super fast delivery of 2 gallons of the liquid latex. I will surely order from these great people again! Thanks Doug!

Webster in Fla.


I can't say enough good things about FrightProps products!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought 2gallons of their Liquid Latex! It is superior stuff! I make latex corpse models...............Fright Props has the BEST prices on Liquid Latex, that I have EVER seen!

Webster in Fla.


Awesome stuff.. respect to you Doug and frightprops! Thanks for keeping the prices and quality great!! I have your bumper sticker on my truck now for all to see haha

Wicked Woods Haunted Forest, VA


I bought one of your barrel poppers last year, and it is fantastic! i used it so many times last year, and plan to use it this year, and it works just as great as when I got it. Thanks for all of your help!

Rachel Jefferson


The small pop up animatronic is great with my dead corpse prop. Thanks for having such useful items for such a low price, you've earned our respect.

Shawn Walker with Dark Corners Haunted Attractions


The Boobox8 and ScareMaster combo is the best controller on the planet. Finally somebody came up with something that caught up with my imagination. The firmware isn't even updated to it's finished stage and it's awsome. If any of you haunters are thinking of getting it, I say "GET IT!" It may seem a little intimadating by reading what it's all capable of but if you can set a VCR you can easily program the BB8. The navigation screen is easier than a cell phone. To give you an idea of how powerfull this box is: I'm using an old car and the headlights flash, dim in & out, the hood opens & shuts as well as the doors all with different sounds and fog only using 4 outputs out of 8. That's powerfull stuff. Last year we gave out 1000 pieces of candy in an hour and forty minutes w/o the BB8. I can hardly wait.

Thomas Rutland


What can I say, Doug is the master of his trade. It does not matter if your just starting out or a seasoned vet! Doug treats your right and his products and prices are the best! Doug and Frightprops no one better!!!!



There are not enough words to express how easy it is to work with you guys and how quick you respond to questions. You are my main source for as many of the prop building supplies I need. See you soon at the next show.

Robbin @ Auburn Haunted Theater


Doug is the best! As a rookie to pneumatics, Doug guided me along and was very patient. His props were the best this year, 2008, and everyone raved about them. I even jumped 3-4x from the clown barrel prop, what a blast! Thanks again!

Jonathan Cahill


Great web site! After searching the web for a day or so I found just what I needed. Pneumatic kits Boobox's and everything else to use with my middle school students. When I called the staff was great! They answered all my questions.

Mike Ramsey


I didn't expect to get my order so soon due to you moving, but I got it within a few days! I absolutely love my sliced piglet and can't wait for Halloween to use it. Will have to order more products soon!

Mary Lou


I ordered the lid opener kit and a PicoBoo. I ordered it late Sunday night, and they shipped it the next morning. It was also packaged very neatly, and came with all of the information required to use the products. Thank you, Doug and the rest of the crew!



All of the foam filled animal props we have ordered from FrightProps are awesome! We love the grub!!!



I have order several items over the past few years. Everything arrives within a few days and packed very nicely. No complaints whatsoever!

Chad R


I purchased the grub torso and it arrived today. All i can say is WOW. The Pictures and videos don't do it justice at all. it is to put it simply, awesome. plus its a decent price for a full torso . It will be a great addition to my bug room in my haunted house. thanks fright props. you guys rock. i will be back here again to buy more

Zach Ball (The Bloodshed Brothers)


I bought the boobox 4 and loved it so much I just now bought another. Halloween is around the corner and I have been building props since Aug. 1st. Thanks to Fright Props I can bring them to life for this years haunt. I would love to see a boo 6 with 10 min. of sound and an amp. Cheers!

Darren O'Neill


I recently purchased 2 tentacles from your site, and I have to say I am very pleased with the quality and the price. I was a little disappointed with the shipping though. The tentacles were seemingly "crammed" into the box, and since there was no packing material in the box to help protect the tentacles, the box was received in poor condition. Luckily, the tentacles were not damaged, but packing materials of some sort would go a long way to help ensure a safe delivery. Although this was my first purchase from your website, it surely won't be the last. I am planning on purchasing one more tentacle (when cash allows) to finish my halloween project, I was interested in knowing what "quantity pricing" entails. How many would I need to purchase to receive the discount? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Jason Kavanah In Theory Inc.

Jason Kavanah


I recently purchased some bloody body part props and they look awsome I tried them on my family they freaked out it really scared them anyway there terrific I'm satisfied with them.

Ashley Kellam





I bought a boobox 4 and received it very shortly after I placed the order, once I got the hang of this wonderful tool I came back and bought another boobox4. Next year I'm sure to buy yet another and a few other things! Great company. Thank you.

Limelight Fab


I purchased a gallon of RD-407 latex. Not only was it priced extremely competitively (the cheapest source I found, in fact!) it arrived very quickly. I just cast my first set of masks today and I am very happy with the product. It was some of the best quality product I've found. Not diluted or thinned with ammonia like some of the other products out there. A++ on quality, price, and shipping!