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FrightLite Pro

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​Bring your actors out of the dark and heighten your horrors with FrightLite Pro, the innovative new portable face illuminator.
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FrightLite Pro

In stock



    • Fits under actor's costume
    • Actor controlled on-off switch, which is hidden under costume sleeve.
    • Adjustable light to shine properly and get the desired effects.
    • Break-away stethoscope design for added safety.
    • Low voltage power supply using common batteries.​

    We know the frustration: you spend intense time and expense on actors’ dramatic mask and make-up effects, only to have them wasted in the dark.

    ​FrightLite Pro(patent pending) solves the problem by illuminating those fearsome faces, triggered by a hand-held switch the actor controls.

    ​Click, light, scare! Then disappear, ghost-like, back into the darkness before the visitors’ screams have faded away.

    ​Safe and low-voltage, the battery-powered LED FrightLite Pro is portable, resting comfortably on the actor’s shoulders, so it can be used in corn mazes, haunted forests, on hay rides and in indoor haunted attractions. It’s available in a range of colors as well as UV for black light effects.

    ​Save time and money on set decorating -- keep the room dark and let the sudden glimpse of illuminated horror do the scaring.

    FrightLite Pro was first tested in 2012 at a popular Halloween attraction, which has hosted 20,000 visitors annually for the past 12 years.

    ​After two scream-filled nights, we knew we had a whole new way to scare.

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    Customer Questions
    Once I hit the button the light goes on, does it stay on if I let go of the button?

    The FrightLite contains a momentary button, the light stays on as long as the button is held down. When the button is released the light goes out.

    Is the UV one like a black lite effect or do you have one that is a black light?

    UV is the same as black Light

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