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Simple Prop Timer

Simple Prop Timer

SKU: 0665
This is a simple activation single timer.

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Please note: These timers can be complicated to figure out and use. We highly recommend that you use a PicoBoo controller instead.

  • When trigger is applied (switch mat, PIR sensor, push button, etc) prop/lights/other activate from adjustable 1 second up to 10 minutes.
  • Will not keep triggering prop until trigger is removed and re-applied. For example, when someone steps on switch mat prop will activate for specified time, prop will then turn off and not re-activate until person steps off mat and another person steps on.
  • Use provided small dial to adjust ON time.
  • You can connect prop/lights/other to NO (normally open) to turn on or connect to NC (normally closed) to turn off when timer activates.
  • Internal relay handles up to 8 amps and will power AC or DC prop/lights/other.
  • Requires a 12v power supply to operate (sold separately).
  • You can also use this timer as a repeat timer! Special mode allows timer to turn on/off at set intervals over and over again!
  • 3 W x 2.5 L x 1 H
Please note that this product does not come with an enclosure (box). If you have access to a 3D printer there is a 3D Printable Case and Lid available for download in the "Documentation" section below (thanks to our customer Stephen Kamin!),

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Will this work with 24V DC solenoids?
    Yes, as long as you power it with a 24V power supply.
  • Can this timer be used without needing a trigger?
    Yes, it can "loop" the time by using a jumper wire.