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Director Software (Download)

Director Software (Download)

SKU: 0755-SOFT
Director is an innovative application developed specifically for the BooBox product line. Director’s clean, intuitive interface makes programming a breeze. And it's free!


Free BooBox Animation Software

Director is an innovative application developed specifically for the BooBox product line. Whether you’re programming a small show with a few outputs, or a complex show with lots of DMX devices, Director’s clean, intuitive interface will make the job a breeze.

Built-In Sound Editor
Director includes a built-in audio editor that allows you to trim, fade, copy, paste, and apply loads of sound effects - all without having to leave the program. And there’s no need to convert your audio files to MP3, Director does that for you too.

Simple Import and Export
No more renaming sound files and folders, Director handles all of that for you. If you want to edit an existing show on one of your BooBoxes or ScareMaster, simply insert the SD card and Director will take care of the rest. When you're ready to export a show to a BooBox, Director will do all the dirty work. It couldn't be easier.

Easily Adjust Scene and Show Settings
Get the most out of your BooBox by tweaking and tuning the scene and show settings. Tweak and tune delays, timers, volumes, and more. Harnessing the hidden power of your BooBox has never been easier.

Rename Scene and Output Labels
Director allows you to assign useful names to your scenes and outputs. No need to write it down or try and remember what input and output was connected to what. Director will keep track of that for you.

Director Connect - Now Available!
Director Connect will allow you to interface a BooBox directly to your PC so Director can animate it in "real-time". Without Director Connect, shows are saved to an SD card which must be inserted into the BooBox.


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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Is there a Mac version of Director available?
    The Director software is only available for Windows. You could run it on the Mac in a Windows emulator such as VMWare Fusion or some such,
  • Is Director only available for Windows? What about Mac?
    Director is only available for Windows. There are no plans for a MAC version.
  • What controllers does this work with?
    The Director software can program the BooBox Flex, BooBox FlexMAX, BooBox 8, PicoFX, PicoBoo MAX, and PicoDMX. PicoBoo support coming soon.
  • Is this software compatible with Windows 10?