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12V Motion Sensor for LED lighting
  • Internal settings

12V Motion Sensor for LED lighting

Turns on 12V LED lights when motion is detected.

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One end has a female plug and the other male that fits all of our 12V power supplies and accessories. The sensitivity can be adjusted by opening the unit and adjusting the pots inside with a small screwdriver. One pot adjusts the sensitivity the other adjusts the time the light will stay on once triggered.
  • Connector Sizes: 5.5 x 2.1mm
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor
  • Operating voltage: DC 5V~25V
  • Load current: <3A
  • Static power loss: ≤ 50 uA
  • Delay time: Default setting 15 seconds (2~360 Seconds is adjustable)
  • Output voltage: Same as input voltage
  • Detecting range: ≤ 110 degrees cone angle, ≤5M-7M (0~5M range adjustable)
  • Measures: 48*25*14 mm

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Ask a Question

  • Does the motion sensor go off if there is a flickering light or just when a person walks by it?
    It detects body heat and not flashing lights.