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Cauldron Creeper Animated

Cauldron Creeper Animated

SKU: MC-MR127029
The Cauldron Creeper is the ultimate haunting solution to horrifying those pesky neighborhood trick-or-treaters!

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List Price: $243.49 Price: $199.99
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Standing at a height of 72 inches tall, this Cauldron Creep gently stirs his pot of goo and gore, preparing to serve it up to any hapless and hungry victim! His tattered costume is draped over his frame while his gross gauze hangs and dangles! This creepy prop also scores points for it's realism and well-sculpted detail. His PVC head has glowing eyes and raises and lowers as he sinisterly stirs his green glowing cauldron with some kind of freaky cane! Or maybe it's a disgusting mop handle with a skull on it! Who knows! Gaze into the burning embers of magic and mayhem as the Cauldron Creeper says one of three saying: ("(evil laughter)", "Stir, stir, stir the pot, I've put me flesh in, now I've naught. I'll let it simmer 'til bubbling brew, and when it's ready I'll come find you! He heh heh", "Ah, this is thickening nicely, yessss. Heh heh, this cauldron is full of tasty morsels I have found. Would you like to give it a try? It's Halloween ANYTHING can happen this night! Heh Hah!" The prop works off a UL adapter and you can decide if you want it on all the time or activated by either a step-here pad or a built-in infrared sensor which works up to 6.5 feet away. Also comes with a volume control if you or your loved ones get a little too scared! You can also attach the provided fog hose to a fog machine (not included) to make it so that mysterious fog flows out of the cauldron! Requires some easy assembly and is made from 40% iron, 8% PVC, 2% electronics, 30% polyester, and 20% cotton.
Ship Weight: 57 pounds


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  • Can this be put outdoors (is it waterproof/water resistant)?
    It is not water resistant and must be protected from all moisture.