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Brutal Rust 8 Ounce Sampler

Brutal Rust 8 Ounce Sampler

Real rust in one hour for your props and sets! Paint your prop or set with Brutal Rust, spray with Red Ox activator and let the rusting begin!

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Sampler Includes:
  • 8oz of Paint
  • 8oz Red Ox Activator

How Do I Use Brutal Rust Paint?
The paint is very easy to use. Once you receive your brutal rust, open the can with a good old fashioned church key or maybe a screw driver or your neighbors cat. Once the can is open you are going to want to stir the paint. This is no easy task. Please use a drill and metal stir stick if you have purchased the gallon or a heavy duty wooden stir stick if you purchased the 8oz sampler kit. We personally use a DeWalt impact drill and a metal stir stick to mix the heavy metal up and into the latex. This process usually takes about 2 – 3 minutes. You know you have it ready to go when the consistency of the paint looks like a grey ice cream shake.

Do I Need to Put a Base Coat of Color Down First?
Nope. Our paint is already tinted. We like to call the color “gun metal grey”. When you paint the Brutal Rust onto your set or prop it will be a dark metallic grey. As the paint begins to cure, it will darken and recede as the metal in the latex begins to oxidize and rust. This process is what allows the Brutal Rust to create real rust on almost any surface. Yes! The power of latex and science. Very cool!

How Much Coverage Will I Get Out of a Gallon of Brutal Rust?
We usually get about 200 sq. feet out of a gallon. We like to really goop (professional jargon) the paint onto our sets and props. This gives the prop a gritty, gnarly look that lends itself to the rusty, metal facade we enjoy.

Do I Mix the Paint and Activator Together?
No way. Don’t do this. That type of thinking will only get you in trouble and quite possibly end up getting Newt Gingrich elected president. The Red Ox Activator needs to go onto the paint about 15 minutes after you paint your prop or set. You want to give the paint enough time to get a little tacky to the touch. Depending on the humidity and temperature we are working in, we wait anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes before generously spraying the project down with Red Ox Activator.

How Much Red OX Activator Do I Need to Use?
1 to 1 my friend! 1:1 all day, every day. If you use a gallon of paint, use a gallon of activator. If you use a 8oz can of paint, use a 8oz spray bottle of activator. The Red Ox Activator will interact with the metal in the Brutal Rust paint and create real rust. If you don’t use a 1:1 ratio of activator to paint, the results won’t happen as fast or even as expected.

Does Brutal Rust Really Rust?
It sure does! Brutal Rust when combined with our proprietary mo-fo activator will magically turn into real rust. This rust is gritty! You can add multiple layers of rust to create a marbled look. If you want to be a Rust Hero or Rust Babe, be sure to check out our How-To videos for our 100% real, genuine, synthetic braille encoded videos.

How to I Get it to Rust Quicker?
The power of halogen! Hook up a 500 watt halogen light kit and place it about 2 -3 feet away from your prop or set. Dude, don’t do this if the prop is made of PVC or covered in gasoline. That stuff will either melt or catch on fire. It really blows when your prop turns into a big puddle of goo on your shop floor or even worse when your house burns down due to the power of halogen. Use your brain helmet and use common sense when applying heat to the paint.
Ship Weight: 1 pounds


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