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Bone Chillers SD Card

Bone Chillers SD Card

Prepare your bravest guests for a chilling fright with skeletons that rise from their graves and hunt the living or have some light-hearted fun with an ensemble of family-friendly skeletons that dance, play music and perform silly slapstick vignettes. No matter who your audience is, Bone Chillers is sure to delight Halloween fans of all ages.

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Includes eight unique effects in four different display modes on one easy-to-use SD Card
  • SCENE 1 - Gathering Ghouls (Window/Hollusion/Wall/TV) A gang of ghoulish skeletons are summoned in the dead of night, seeking someone special.
  • SCENE 2 - Fear the Reaper (Window/Hollusion/Wall/TV) An untimely visit from a guest nobody ever wants – and he's not looking to play a game of chess.
  • SCENE 3 - Pop-Up Panic (Window/Hollusion/Wall/TV) From the depths below, a subterranean skeleton pops-up in a startling fashion.
  • SCENE 4 - Skeleton Surprise (Window/Hollusion/Wall/TV) On this gloomy night the creeps could be anywhere — surprising the viewer from the side.
  • SCENE 5 - Dancing Dead (Window/Hollusion/Wall/TV) Back from a ballroom of yesteryear, reveling skeletons perform a macabre waltz.
  • SCENE 6 - Boneyard Band (Window/Hollusion/Wall/TV) Shake, rattle and roll with AtmosFX's house band.
  • SCENE 7 - Jittery Bones (Window/Hollusion/Wall/TV) Scaredy-cat skellies spook themselves silly in this slapstick scene.
  • SCENE 8 - Numskulls (Window/Hollusion/Wall/TV) There are no winners when two dimwitted skeletons take a few swings at a pumpkin piñata.

SD card can be played on a digital video player, computer, or digital projector to display effects.


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