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5v-5amp (Regulated) Power Supply

5v-5amp (Regulated) Power Supply

SKU: 0955-0005-5000
5 Volt, 5 amp power supply for our prop motors.

In Stock


These lower-voltage high-amperage power supplies run our motors at less than half the speed. Torque is also reduced at the same time. A great alternative to using a controller for those props that need a slow speed but little torque.

Note, these 5v power supplies are NOT to be used with the PicoVolt controller or our LED spotlights. They do not provide enough voltage. You must use our 12v regulated power supplies with those products.

Power Connector Size: 5.5 x 2.1mm
Ship Weight: 0.4 pounds


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Ask a Question

  • Does this have a female or male plug?
    All of our power supplies come with male barrel plugs that have center positive 5.5mm x 2.1mm plugs. These fit our controllers and other such devices. You can simply cut off and strip the wires to use with solenoids, LED lights, and other devices that require bare wires or use our power supply adapters.
  • I'm from EU, can I use this motor?
    Yes. Our power supply has a US style plug end so you will need a power adapter.