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Trick Or Treat by In Dark Solitude

Trick Or Treat by In Dark Solitude

SKU: 0785-COLE-1
Turn off all the lights and lock the doors. Light some black candles and let your senses be surrounded by the mysterious world of In Dark Solitude. Take 31 auditory haunted trips through the dark realm of ghosts, ghouls, zombies, vampires, graveyards, haunted castles, carnival freaks, demented monks, lost souls; and many other twisted creatures of all kinds!

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Immerse yourself in this definitive Halloween collection! All 31 tracks have been written to celebrate the month of October (one song for every day of the month) and especially All Hallows Eve. Enjoy it now and every day of the year; but especially savor the dark songs on chilly stormy nights, and of course... on Samhain. Use this album to scare up your next Haunt; for atmospheric darkness at your next Halloween party... or simply listen to get lost in the underworld of these dark symphonies! Have fun, relax, and enjoy this album...but be very careful! Make sure the ghouls don't come out and get you!

31 Tracks

  1. The Creeper
  2. Death March
  3. Twisted Nursery
  4. Carnival Of Lost Souls
  5. Dance Of The Macabre
  6. Terror Maze
  7. Evil Marrionette's
  8. Vampires Ball
  9. Bump In The Night
  10. Monastery Of The Damned
  11. Circus Sideshow
  12. Night Of The Raven
  13. Bells Of Hell
  14. Deadly Night Shade
  15. Graveyard Waltz
  16. Museum Of Oddities & Curiosities
  17. Flight Of The Specter
  18. Memento Te Esse Mortalum
  19. Buried Alive
  20. Autumn Death
  21. The Dark Chase
  22. Sinister Minister
  23. Crypt Of Fear
  24. Murder Most Foul
  25. Ghoulish Delight
  26. Beyond The Grave
  27. Haunted Playground
  28. Ghostly Manor
  29. The Spider & The Fly
  30. The Unknown
  31. Halloween


'In Dark Solitude is a solo project created by artist/musician J. 'Cole' Lardino. The one man band of In Dark Solitude (hence the name) has self produced 3 vocal albums and an instrumental album "Hallowed Ground" which was a fun gloomy soundtrack for his favorite holiday...Halloween. This album proved successful for him. The songs off the album have been featured in haunted houses around the nation and his song "Waltz Of The Dead" was featured on an A&E Halloween show. "Trick Or Treat" is his follow up album to "Hallowed Ground"; packing a sinister sounding 31 songs on the album. The album contains 29 dark haunting instrumental compositions as well as 2 bonus gothic vocal tracks. You will get delightfully chilled as you get caught up in his dark spider web of spooky songs. You will feel as though you are in a horror movie as the music whisks you to strange unknown lands of the gothic chiller thrillers of the golden age. You will feel as you are in Dracula's tomb; or a secret society of bloodthirsty monks. Dare you enter the abandoned cemetery while listening to IdS as he makes all thing go bump in the night? This album was made for Halloween; or is Halloween a little more sacred after hearing In Dark Solitudes new album? You be the judge! Not one song off this album disappoints the gothic horror lover! Tap into your dark side and let the music of In Dark Solitude grab and move you...to dark and beautifully strange lands and times that all lay within the ancient realm of Halloween. "
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