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Rust Dust Fusion
  • Rust Dust Fusion
  • Rust Dust Fusion
  • Rust Dust Fusion
  • Rust Dust Fusion
  • Rust Dust Fusion
  • Rust Dust Fusion

Rust Dust Fusion

SKU: 1017-F
Mix with your favorite paint and make anything rusty!

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Less waste, more REAL rust! From The Torture Factory!
  • Step 1: Mix Rust Dust Fusion with any latex paint and paint your prop.
  • Step 2: Spray on the Rust Dust Activator before the paint dries
  • Behold the rust form before your very eyes!

Some things of note...

  • Rust Dust creates REAL rust which will eat through metal just as any rust would. So don't decorate anything you don't want rusted!
  • Unlike some other products, NO HEAT is required for the reaction to take place.
How much Rust Dust Fusion do I need?
Thinly applied, you should get 300sq feet of coverage out of a gallon of paint. The more dust you apply to the paint, the more rust and texture effect you will get. We recommend up to one pound of dust per gallon for good overall coverage and texture. It's not recommended you add your dust all at once to the paint. Start with a small amount in a plastic cup and add very small amounts of dust until you get the desired texture of paint. The more dust you add, the less coverage you will get because the dust will actually absorb some of the moisture in the paint. A half pound kit will treat a gallon, but you will not achieve a full rust to paint ratio on your coverage. It's also recommended to save some of the dust to touch up areas you want more rust color. Apply adhesive to the area and apply the dust on top and then activate.


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