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Sorry... Product unavailable.


The product "Talking Skull Complete Package (2 Skulls)" that you are looking for is not currently available. Unfortunately we do not know when (or even if) it will back.

You might want to try browsing through the "Ready to Run Talking Skulls" category for similar products.

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SOLD OUT! We expect more Talking Skulls first week in September!

Talking Skull Complete Package (2 Skulls)

SKU: 0860-S2- OLD
Plug-n-Play! Comes complete and ready to talk... nothing else required!


Great for scenes with two characters conversing or arguing with each other!


Note! The Talking Skulls are designed for seasonal use. If running them for extended periods the servos that control the mouth and eyes will need to be periodically replaced.

Ship Weight: 25 pounds


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  • What type of LED's work with the Talking Skull?
    Any standard LEDs will work. The operating voltage of standard LEDs is usually around 1.2 volts. Anything from 1 to 2 volts will work fine. Which is almost every LED out there. They just can't be LED assemblies that already have integrated resistors, such as our nano spots, mini spotlight LEDs, etc.
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