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IMPORTANT! This product produces REAL flames See important information below!
Hellfire Flame Cannon

Hellfire Flame Cannon (Propane)

SKU: 0773-F2
Blasts a tower of flame into the air when triggered!

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IMPORTANT! These products produce REAL flames and must not be used near an audience. Must be operated by an experienced flame professional. A State flame operator NFPA 160 certified license and hazard pyro insurance might be required. Check with local Fire Marshal for possible required permits and approval.

Uses standard liquid propane (available at your local hardware store). DMX compatible. Not recommended for indoor use.

Control with DMX or use our PicoDMX controller and any one of our prop triggers.

Flame shoots up to 20'.

May pose a fire hazard!


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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Can these be converted to run on natural gas?
    They were not designed or tested to run on natural gas
  • Can this unit lay on its side to be used as a cannon shot effect?
    No! It must remain upright at all times.
  • Can you give me an estimate for how quickly this cannon goes through propane?
    One 20 lb tank of propane can run one Hellfire Flame Cannon for approximately 10 hours at 3 second intervals.