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Pale Scarface Zombie Mask
  • Pale Scarface Zombie Mask

Pale Scarface Zombie Mask

SKU: LD-51421950
Almost skeletal in its appearance, this Pale Scarface Zombie Mask is a quintessential undead accessory, offering a fantastic level of detail and gore. Combine it with good wardrobe, and you will have a nigh-unbeatable zombie look!

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Its pale complexion is speckled with green stains and mottled bruises, indicating damage and rot, while the mouth is torn away to reveal bone. Add in the long, bloody gash and the smaller cuts and tears, and this mask has all it needs for zombified perfection! It is made entirely in quality latex and features open eyes for added convenience. Definitively undead, few masks can compare to the shear fright value that this Pale Scarface Zombie Mask offers, making it a great way to shed the shackles of life and become the walking dead for a time.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality latex
  • Features an amazing level of detail
  • Mask has an open mouth and fitted features, so it moves with you


  • Fits a head circumference up to 57-59 centimeters

Ship Weight: 2 pounds

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