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The product "PicoTalk - One Servo Controller" that you are looking for is not currently available. Unfortunately we do not know when (or even if) it will back.

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PicoTalk - One Servo Controller

PicoTalk - One Servo Controller

SKU: 0861-1
  • 1 Servo Controller
  • Real-Time Mouth Control from Your Audio
  • 12V1A Power Supply Included


• Real-Time Mouth Control for Your Audio

An auto-talk, servo-centering device all in one. Connect an audio source and one servo.

Real-Time Mouth Control
The PicoTalk listens carefully to the audio and moves the servo in sync to make the character look like it's doing the talking.

The PicoTalk One Servo Controller sits between your line-level audio source and your speakers. It has a connector for the audio-in, as well as an audio-thru connector. No need for Y adapters or splitters.

Servo Centering
Installing a servo can be tricky if you don't know where it centers. Connect the PicoTalk and power up holding the set button, the servo is automatically brought to dead center it can be properly installed.

Easy Setup
The open and closed position of the mouth can be easily programmed using the set button and the adjustment control.

Note: Comes with appropriate power supply.

Ship Weight: 1.3 pounds


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