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Gantom Torch Bundle

Gantom Torch Bundle

The ultimate interactive element for a premium haunt experience! Your patrons will feel safe with this sturdy flashlight in hand, but, little do they know, you’re in control! This bundle will get you started with everything you need to outfit your haunt today!

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Price as configured: $2,299.99


NOTE: This fixture is available with either DMX or Color Piano compatibility. Color Piano is an exclusive, free app for iPhone and Android that allows you to program your Precision DMX just like you would program a PicoBoo! This is great for getting the most out of your Precision DMX without having to use DMX! You can choose which compatibility best suites your needs when you order your light.

Bundle includes:

  • 25x Torches
  • 8x Emitter
  • 8x Power Supplies for Emitters
Please note that this bundle does not include torch batteries or battery chargers.


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  • Can you control the BlinkFX emitter with DMX?
    Yes. The BlinkFX emitter understands both a proprietary phone signal and DMX protocol. If you don't use DMX then you can only have one emitter doing one thing, but if you have DMX you would only use the phone to set the start address of the fixture and then unplug the device and connect it to a DMX system. Once connected to a DMX system you can use DMX show control software to program them.