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iZombie MC-2401 Lightning Controller
  • iZombie MC-2401 Lightning Controller

iZombie MC-2401 Lightning Controller

SKU: IZ-MC-2401
The MC-2401 is a Multi-Channel unit capable of powering 2,400 watts of lighting.

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The MC-2401 is capable of powering up to 2400 watts of lighting. Timing circuits randomize power from one to four of the outlets for varying lengths of time. Using a centralized sound source, lightning will flash in one to four different areas before changing configurations. A very convincing effect with lightning flashing from all directions and every combination in between! Multi-Channel Lightning Controllers are another original invention by i-Zombie Productions. (ThunderTracks CD included)

PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed for use on 110V / 60Hz power systems. It is not compatible with 220V / 50hz and a transformer can not be used to convert.

Ship Weight: 2 pounds

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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • What kind of speakers work best with this product?
    Any type of amplified speakers (or an amplifier and passive speakers) will work. The lightning controller does not have anything to do with the speakers, it “listens” to the audio single coming in to decode it.
  • Can strobe lights be used with this product?
    No, strobe lights are "blinky" and do not create an effect of lightning. The appropriate lights to use are incandescent, which are standard regular lights.
  • Does this lightning controller have a microphone in the front to "listen" to the thunder tracks?
    This lightning controller does not use a microphone. You must connect an audio source to it.
  • Will this lighting machine run on 220V?
    These lighting machines will only run from 110V AC. They do not work on 220V.
  • Power indicator light comes on when no light(s) plugged in but the indicator light goes out when I plug in my light(s) and there is no "lightning" regardless of where I set the level.
    Usually, it is because you are not getting a good signal from your audio source. If you have uploaded your ThunderTracks to an iPod or MP3 player, make sure that the audio volume is all the way up so the controller has something to work with. Adjust how loud you hear it at the amplifier (not the Audio player).
  • Can you use LED shop lights with the lightning simulator?
    LED lights will not work with the lightning simulators. They must be incandescent type lights.
  • Does this product come with a Thunder CD or an MP3 download?
    It comes with the thunder audio on CD.