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Green Malicious Goblin Mask
  • Green Malicious Goblin Mask

Green Malicious Goblin Mask

SKU: LD-51420550
The goblin is one of the iconic races of fantasy and fiction. Sometimes, these poor creatures are the first victims of and adventuring party. But when you don this Green Malicious Goblin Mask, you will be ready to take revenge for all of goblin-kind!

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This mask is impressively rich in detail, and doubly so when it comes to classic goblinoid detailing. The masks skin is entirely green in coloration, and it possesses a rough, inhuman look that is complemented by surreal musculature, heavy wrinkling, and small warts and bumps across its surface. It also features a long, pointed nose, with matching long, pointed, swept-back ears on the side of the head. While not all goblinoids are bald, this particular mask is hairless (a fact easily fixed just by adding a wig once the mask is in place). The mask fits snugly around the face, and thanks to it wrapping under the chin, it also moves with the wearer. The mask itself is made entirely from fine latex material, and it is offered in one size, which fits a head circumference of 57-59 centimeters (those who come closer to the 58-59 centimeter mark will find the mask a bit snug, although this can be fixed with some minor adjustment). Goblin is not quite so hard to do anymore, not now that you have access to this Green Malicious Goblin Mask, which will allow you to take on a monstrous persona any time you like.

Key Features:

  • Made from high quality latex
  • Features an Amazing Level of Detail
  • Mask Has Open Mouth and Fitted Features, so it Moves with you


  • Fits a head circumference up to 57-59 centimeters

Ship Weight: 2 pounds

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