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Flame Oil
  • Flame Oil Measurements

Flame Oil

SKU: 0773-OIL
These are the flame canisters for our flame shooting units.

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IMPORTANT! These products produce REAL flames and must not be used near an audience. Must be operated by an experienced flame professional. A State flame operator NFPA 160 certified license and hazard pyro insurance is REQUIRED! Requires a local Fire Marshal permit and approval! Ensure that all of these requirements are in place before purchase!

This item is flammable and should be used with extreme caution!

How long does each can last?
One can is good for approximately 50 2-second long blasts. That's 100 1-second blasts, 200 .5-second blasts and so on! The shorter the blast you program the longer each can will last!

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  • How long does each can last?
    Approximately 50 2-second long blasts. So that's 100 1-second blasts, 200 .5 second blasts and so on! The shorter the blast, the more you get out of each canister.