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FireFly FF-511 Lightning Controller

FireFly FF-511 Lightning Controller

FireFly model FF-511 is a premium microprocessor-controlled five-channel lightning simulator which offers four channels of lightning, plus a fifth dedicated dimmer channel.

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  • 800% faster microprocessor results in instant on operation, additional and improved features
  • More sophisticated randomizing algorithms
  • Better randomization and additional timings
  • User selectable switching speed
  • Toggle between normal and fast channel randomization
  • Additional test/setup routines
  • The test routine is now intantaneous. In addition you may leave any {or all} lights on for testing or positioning.
  • Brownout reset. The FF-511 will now reset itself in the event of a brownout or power failure, thus preventing a system lockup.

    FireFly model FF-511 is a premium microprocessor-controlled five-channel lightning simulator which offers four channels of lightning, plus a fifth dedicated dimmer channel. Four channels can be used for a variety of "mono" and “stereo” lightning effects plus one channel can be connected to house lights, porch lights or even a lamp in the window for dimming effects. When there is a close “lightning strike”, not only do you see the lightning flash, but lights connected to the fifth channel will dim and flicker as though power is about to go out. Very realistic!

    A maximum of 3,000 watts of lights can be connected to the FF-511. When used with our SunSpot or PAR 30 LED light sources, this is equivalent to a blinding 30,000 watts of conventional incandescent light!

    The FF-511 can be operated in six different modes, each yielding its own unique effect. There are four "mono" modes, offering a choice of four parallel channels, two pairs of two channels, one pair plus two independent channels, or four randomized channels. The two "stereo" modes give a choice of two parallelled left and right channels from a stereo audio signal, or the two left and two right channels with the lightning randomized via the microprocessor for each channel pair. The fifth channel is dedicated to the dimmer mode and it can be used to dim the house lights or porch light erratically when a “strike” occurs.

    To protect the user as well as connected equipment, all FireFly models are equipped with both isolation transformers and solid state optical isolation to separate high voltage circuits from audio connections.

    FireFly was designed to support a wide variety of lights. For best results, we recommend our ProLight 200 high-power LED light, which we designed specifically for lightning simulation. The intense white light and quick reaction time of these lights is unsurpassed in simulating lighting. FireFly also supports dimmable compact fluorescent, some dimmable LEDs, conventional incandescent, cold cathode, and Halogen bulbs.

    In order to insure that lights fire quickly and offer the appropriate dynamic range, two user adjustable threshold controls are provided for easy end-user optimization.

    A front panel test button is provided to confirm proper operation of the FireFly circuitry and connected lights.

    FireFly uses true pulse-width phase control to dim lights as opposed to the much less sophisticated burst control used by others. Pulse-width phase control is an absolute must for realistic lightning simulation.

    Lights Alive provides an unprecedented five (5) year limited warranty on all FireFly models. We will repair or replace (our option) any unit that fails within five years of the purchase date due to defective materials or workmanship. This warranty will not apply to units that have been modified or that have been subjected to physical abuse. For warranty service, simply call or email Lights Alive for a return authorization number, then return the unit, prepaid, to Lights Alive along with your proof of purchase. Please insure your package as we cannot be responsible for damage incurred during shipping. We will promptly repair or replace your unit and return it by the most economical means. If you prefer expedited shipping, please contact Lights Alive for shipping costs.

    FireFly operates with standard line-level audio via a conventional 1/8” stereo jack. A custom audio CD of thunder effects designed for FireFly is included with each unit. Various adapters and cables are available from Lights Alive or through your local electronics store. Please consult with Lights Alive if you have connection questions.

    All models of FireFly use both low-pass cutoff filters and active positive-feedback low-frequency enhancement to insure only the frequencies associated with thunder trigger the circuitry, except when in the STL mode.

    FireFly is proudly designed and manufactured by Lights Alive in the United States.

    FireFly is housed in a stackable case, making it easy to stack multiple units into a single neat unit. Soon there will be companion audio products in the same stackable cases.

    PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed for use on 110V / 60Hz power systems. It is not compatible with 220V / 50hz and a transformer can not be used to convert.

    Ship Weight: 1 pounds


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Product Manuals and FAQs

Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • What kind of speakers work best with this product?
    Any type of amplified speakers (or an amplifier and passive speakers) will work. The lightning controller does not have anything to do with the speakers, it “listens” to the audio single coming in to decode it.
  • Can strobe lights be used with this product?
    No, strobe lights are "blinky" and do not create an effect of lightning. The appropriate lights to use are incandescent, which are standard regular lights.
  • Does this lightning controller have a microphone in the front to "listen" to the thunder tracks?
    This lightning controller does not use a microphone. You must connect an audio source to it.
  • Will this lighting machine run on 220V?
    These lighting machines will only run from 110V AC. They do not work on 220V.
  • Does this product come with the thunder audio tracks?
    Yes, this lightning controller comes with a CD that contains the thunder audio.
  • Does this product come with a Thunder CD or an MP3 download?
    It comes with the thunder audio on CD.