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EZ-Spray® Jr. Gun

EZ-Spray® Jr. Gun

The EZ-Spray® Jr. is a versatile, convenient and easy-to-use spray system for spraying moldmaking and casting materials.

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Just some of the uses of the EZ-Spray Jr:

EZ~Spray® Urethane Rubber - For making sprayed rubber molds used to cast concrete, plaster, wax, etc. Surface preparation (applying sealing agent + release agent) required.

EZ~Spray® Silicone Rubber - For making fast sprayed rubber molds that have the best release properties for production casting of resins, plaster, etc. Minimal surface preparation required.

EZ~Spray® Urethane Plastic - For spraying over cured rubber molds to make fast support shells / mother molds. Plastic can also be sprayed into rubber molds to make fast, lightweight castings.

StyroCoat® Foam Coating - Coat large areas of foam and other surfaces quickly with a plastic that is impact resistant. Can then be sanded, primed and painted. Great for creating themed environments, theater and movie special effects.

EZ~Spray® Foams - Make lightweight castings, create special effects or use for lightweight reinforcement.
Ship Weight: 10 pounds


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