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EZ~Mix® 40 - One To One Liquid Brushable Urethane Rubber

EZ~Mix® 40 - One To One Liquid Brushable Urethane Rubber

SKU: 0624-EZM40
EZ~MIX® 40 is a brushable polyurethane rubber mold compound that mixes and applies easily.

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Two liquids (Part A and Part B) are measured and combined in equal amounts by volume, no scale is necessary. After a few minutes of mixing, EZ~Mix® 40 is ready to be applied to a vertical surface with a brush. After a suitable thickness is attained with multiple layers, EZ~Mix® 40 cures overnight with negligible shrinkage to a flexible, durable mold rubber. Following the application of a support shell, a rubber mold made with EZ~Mix 40 is suitable for casting a variety of materials including wax, gypsum, urethane/epoxy resins, concrete, etc.

  • EZ~MIX® 40 - Shore 40A hardness


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